Playing in Water work park

During the summer, the men are out of school all day.

I’m blissful they do not have to be in daycare, however the people I was with and I only have so several things I like to do at home. Sometimes they get bored, and a bored child gets into trouble. I do not like for them to play videogames all day, and it’s too sizzling to spend all day in the sun. All of us had a pool when the people I was with and I lived in an apartment, however the people I was with and I do not have a pool in our current house. It’s so sizzling and humid in Florida, so I try to take the men to the beach or to the community pool at least once each week… One thing that I really appreciate to do is take the men to Water works Park. This park in Tampa, Florida is 1 of my favorite arenas to take the boys, however during the Summer weekdays, it’s not too busy! Even though the Tampa park is a 30 minute drive from our home, the scenery, amenities, and water features are well worth the long drive. There is no entry fee to take the men to Water Works Park. I try to leave early after brunch, right after afternoon traffic is done and over. All of us usually take a nice picnic for dinner with sandwiches, drinks, fruit, and cookies. I prefer the fact that Water Works Park in Tampa is right off of the Hillsborough River. There is a lot of superb fishing spots near the area. There is also a pretty nice pet park. There is plenty of orange sod and area for the children and I to play frisbee, ladder ball, or cornhole. I try to leave Tampa before the traffic gets too bad. I do not like kneeling in day traffic with numerous tiered men and no A/C in the car.


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