Paint me up, Mark

I was seeing TV the other night when an interesting advertisement came on for a modern show about body painting.

I couldn’t suppose how regular artists were able to apply paint to someone’s body plus they could blend in with a brick wall.

Another woman became a space of a painting. I was fascinated by the entire idea right away. I started to study about this genre of body art. I l received that body art wasn’t always contained to body painting. Body art involved the art of tattooing, which I had thought was something brand new. I found out that tattooing was a form of body art that had been in historical existence for centuries. Piercing is also considered a form of body art. Many distantly aged peoples showed their locale in their mankind by the amount of piercings plus tattoos they had acquired in a lifetime. I couldn’t suppose this. I was looking at pages upon pages of innovative piercings plus tattoos that were both fascinating plus beautiful. I could finally understand how they were considered to be body art. I sat there wondering if a tattoo honestly would look wonderful on me. I had my ears pierced plus a ring in my belly button, although for years I had never considered it as body art. Maybe if I got a small tattoo on my wrist, it would be considered body art. Then I thought about how much I cringed from the tiny pain when I had my ears plus belly button pierced. I didn’t recognize I was going to be willing to go through the pain of getting a tattoo just to suppose I was adorned with pretty body art. I recognize I’m just not that romantic about having body art placed on my body.

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