I’ll do it myself

I am looking to save money majorly whenever I do anything regarding my heating and air conditioning system.

Obviously some things like major heating and cooling upgrades have to be handled by a heating and cooling professional.

However when it comes to things like upgrading a thermostat, you can do this on your own if you go to some websites and watch some videos on how to instal all kinds of thermostats into your home’s central heating and air conditioning system unit. I recently got myself a smart thermostat and I wanted to instal it myself. I also wanted to link up the app for my smart phone, computer and laptop on my own as well. And this is exactly what I ended up doing! It took a lot of video watching let me tell you. But once I watched enough videos on the installation of a smart thermostat I was all good to go! I actually had my smart thermostat hooked up to my central heating and air conditioning system along with the app within less than a half an hour! I could not believe how easy this was once I learned how to install the smart thermostat onto my wall! Now I have the great convenience of a smart thermostat in my central heating and air conditioning system unit. I have told my friends and my family how a smart thermostat can in itself help you save energy use. And I also told them how proud I was of myself for installing the brand new and wonderful smart thermostat all on my own, and by myself!

Saving money next summer

Next year I am going to do something to save me a lot of money! If you are wondering what I am talking about, I am talking about cutting down my energy use when I use air conditioning in my home. The central air conditioning system last year really made my electric bills so darn high I didn’t know what I was going to do to be able to pay them off! I figured it out and almost had my electric shut off a few times. However after doing some research into finding more information on air conditioning and energy savings, I got a really nice tip! This helpful energy saving tip was to go with a ductless mini split air conditioning system to save on the use of energy when running air conditioning in my home. Air conditioning is something we all need the summer months. Unless you live somewhere like Washington state where the weather is decent that time of year. Most people running central air conditioning can end up spending hundreds if not thousands in one year on electric bills. With a ductless mini split air conditioning system this can cut your energy use in half and in turn save you a whole lot of money. I spoke with a few people who have ductless mini split air conditioning systems and they agree that it has really saved them money! So next summer, it is a ductless mini split air conditioning system for me! No question about it!

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The big garbage pile up

Our city recently had a strike.

This included the garbage collectors.

They all wanted more money and felt they were underpaid. This strike lasted about 3 weeks to a month. It was really horrible! Because of the lack of garbage collecting during this time the air quality in my town went to hell in a handbasket! The entire town was smelling of nasty garbage. Though I have to tell you that the local heating and air conditioning company was not complaining at all! Sales went through the roof during this time on whole home air purification systems. The entire town was taking out bank loans just to get a whole home air purification system installed into their homes. We had no idea how long the garbage strike was going to last. Could have been forever! So no one wanted to take any chances. As for me, I already had a whole home air purification system as part of my central heating and air conditioning system. So I was all set! These garbage collectors of the city going on strike didn’t cause me to have to go out and spend thousands of dollars because of their greed. From what I understand, garbage collectors if employed by the city make even better money than a lot of us with office jobs. So yea, it’s pure greed! And it could have made many people sick. I’m glad for the invention of the whole home air purification system to help everything during this rough time and awful air quality we were all stuck with!

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Black friday shopping

I really hate going shopping on black friday.

But sometimes I have to if I did not have time to get my holiday shopping done ahead of time. I will not be going shopping this black friday for sure! Last year I did that and it was a major nightmare! The crowds were so ridiculous that the air quality in the stores were really bad from everyone being so crammed together. The temperature got really overheated too. All I was wishing was that there would be air conditioning. But this time of the year no one actually runs air conditioning unless you are in the southwestern part of the United States Of America! So here I was suffering from being overheated along with the bad air quality surrounding me from all the crowds. It was the worst experience I ever had in my whole entire lifetime! This is why this year I already got a handful of my shopping done. I got it done last week for the most part. The holiday sales were going on at some stores, and in some stores they were not. However I did not care. I would rather pay full prices for the gifts than have to deal with all those horrible people and feel overheated! I was overheated last year that when I got home I actually turned my central air conditioning system on for a few minutes! I could not open the windows because it was raining out when I got home that day.

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Snow and my HVAC system

We just had our very first snow storm of the year here where I live.

  • It was a pretty brutal one too.

The snow was so high it actually piled on top of my central heating and air conditioning unit! It really poured down pretty bad. The snow was so heavy on my central heating and air conditioning system that it was starting to put a strain on it! My central heating and air conditioning system was making a really rough noise because the weight of the snow was really messing with it. With the central heating and air conditioning system being all solid steel and this happening that should tell you how heavy this was. I was so concerned about it that I made a phone call to my local heating and air conditioning contractor the next day after the snow had calmed down. The heating and air conditioning contractor said to take a shovel and get rid of as much snow as I could. And then the heating and cooling contractor would be over to do a full on check up of the central heating and air conditioning system. Once the heating and air conditioning contractor came and looked at it he removed the rest of the snow that I couldn’t. And then the central heating and air conditioning system was no longer making noises. He said it was a good thing I called. Because my heating and cooling system could have very well crashed on me! It’s a shock that snow can actually make something like this happen with solid steel! What a trip.

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The bank overdraft

Keeping an eye on my bank account is something I need to do more often.

A lot of times I am not really paying attention.

And then I find that I do not have enough funds to cover something. This happened to me last month when I had my central heating and air conditioning system fixed. The central heating and air conditioning system broke down at the wrong time and I needed to have it repaired the same day it broke! So in order to do this I had to call the local heating and air conditioning company and schedule a same day emergency HVAC appointment. The cost of a same day emergency heating and air conditioning repair appointment can most of the time cost up to double what a regular heating and air conditioning repair appointment would cost. In order for me to do this I had to put it on my bank’s debit card since my credit card is currently maxed out at the moment. The only thing was that I was not thinking and just wanted to get my central heating and air conditioning system repaired right away! After the certified heating and air conditioning specialist had done the HVAC repair work and left, I then found that my bank account was overdrawn by almost 50 bucks due to the charge of the emergency heating and air conditioning repair service I just had! In turn this costed me an extra 30 dollars for the overdraft fee. I was just lucky that my weekly paycheck from my job was coming in the next day.


a/c set up

The old candy store

Way back when I was a teenager we had this candy store in the town I lived in.

It was a place where all of us kids went with our spare money we would make from mowing lawns or raking leaves.

They had candy in bulk in barrels. It was really pretty unique. I had never seen anything like it ever again. The air quality in this candy store was to die for! Not only was it really clean air due to them running an air purifier, but it also preserved the smell of all the fresh candy in the place! It’s hard to explain and you really had to be there to get what I am talking about. In the summers it was actually the coolest place to be! Both figuratively speaking and literally! The central air conditioning system they had in that place was really great! It was better than any other central air conditioning system of the time if you ask me. More than likely it was some kind of commercial air conditioning system of the era. I was too young to know or really remember the actual heating and air conditioning unit. I just know it made the place feel really cool and nice after walking in there from the blazing hot sun! Then like I mentioned, that air purifier they had in there also just took the air quality over the top! I miss that candy store. It has been long gone for years. I really wish my own kids could have had a chance to experience it like we did back in the day.

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The high school prom ended early

My high school prom was an interesting and different one.

I will always remember it for the rest of my life.

Not because I met some long lost love or something corny like that. It was because of something that happened that made the high school prom end early that night! I think everyone who was there will remember it the rest of their lives. To make a very long story short, it was the beginning of the summer when we had the high school prom. It was very hot out and the central air conditioning in the school broke down! It was a Friday night so there was no way they could call a heating and air conditioning company to send out a certified heating and air conditioning specialist to fix the central heating and cooling system. So pretty much, there we all were dressed up all nice in rather warm clothing with no air conditioning in the building! The high school prom ended up going on for a few hours after the central heating and air conditioning system broke down. However after that no one would be able to stand to be there much longer. So it was decided that the high school prom would have to end about 3 hours early. It was kind of a sad thing. But it was very memorable at the same time. It’s going to be a great story for everyone to tell their kids later in life! I know I will be having kids in the next few years, and when they get much older I will be telling them the story of the broken air conditioning and the prom!


Our house is going to be so much cooler now that we have an air conditioner

It may sound funny to some people, but I have never owned an air conditioner.

My husband and I have always just lived with the heat.

When I was a little girl, my parents were too poor to afford air conditioning, so we did not have air conditioning when I was younger either. I was so used to not having air conditioning that I did not mind not having it for so many years as an adult. I think it has gotten hotter where we live. The last two summers have been quite a bit warmer than what we are used to, so we decided to buy our very first air conditioner before summer begins this year. It is May, so my husband and I went to the store last night and picked out an air conditioner for our house. We are so excited to start using it. We actually took it out of the box last night, and we plan to install it in the living room window tomorrow. I am so excited to finally have a cool house. It will be really weird for sure, and I hope that we like it. I am a little afraid that we will not like having such a cool house, but we shall see. My husband is even more excited than I am about our new air conditioner because he works outside all day long, so he thinks it will be refreshing for him to come home to a nice cool house. I am super thankful to have an air conditioner for the first time ever.


air purifier

I wish that my mom liked the house a little cooler

I guess I am like my dad when it comes to how warm I prefer the house to be

I love my dear sweet momma. She is so wonderful. I cannot believe that she is seventy-five years old. Time just flies. You would never guess that she is in her seventies because she is still so active. She is in really good health, and I am so thankful for that. My dad passed away about three years ago, and my mom got really lonely. It was so hard to see my mom that lonely, so I decided to move it with her. I offered to let her move in with me, but she did not want to sell her house because of all of the memories that she has there of my dad and us kids. I really love living with my mom especially because that house was my childhood home, and I have many memories there as well. It feels so good to be home again. My mom and I get along so well, and I love being able to spend so much time with her. The only thing that I would change if I could is her temperature preferences. She likes to keep the house at about eighty degrees. I cannot believe that she likes to be that warm. She has always liked the house to be warm, but my dad did not, so the house was usually around seventy degrees. Now that dad is gone, she keeps the house much warmer, and I really wish that she wouldn’t. I guess I am like my dad when it comes to how warm I prefer the house to be. Seventy degrees seems perfect to me, but not eighty.


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