What are BTU’s

I sometimes wonder if I am the only one who has ever wondered what a BTU is? We all hear the initials BTU, but do we really know what they mean.

BTU stands for British thermal units.

BTU is the amount of energy used to get totally comfortable temperatures in your home. There are several different sizes of BTU available. Many things can affect the BTU rating and the AFUE rating. AFUE stands for Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency. If you happen to be looking for a good furnace that is totally efficient, then you need to look for a furnace that has 95% or higher of an efficiency rating. This means that 95% of the energy used is going toward giving you heat. If you look at a furnace that has a rating that is 80% or lower, it means that you are using a lot less energy toward heating and you are wasting a lot of money on fuel. It is also important to find a furnace that sized properly for your home. If you have a furnace that is too big for your home, it will be constantly cycling on and off, which is not efficient. If you have a furnace that is too small for your home, your furnace will be running continuously. It is important to speak to your HVAC company and have them size the furnace and even replace for you. If you happen to be a person who wants to do their own installation, then you should still have the HvAC company help you to choose the right HVAC equipment for your needs and home.

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I could have bought a used one, but I didn’t

I always want to be able to save money when I am shopping.

I will buy last year’s leftover models even if it is clothing if it means I am saving a couple bucks.

I have bought bathing suits that are almost a steal, during the winter. The one thing that this didn’t work for me, was when I had to replace my heat pump. I knew that it was going to need replaced. A heat pump only has a lifespan of about fifteen years and mine was well beyond that. Over the last couple of years, I had been spending quite a bit trying to keep it running, but it really hasn’t been very successful. My energy efficiency has gone way down. This year, when I called the HvAC company, he wasn’t so generous with his repairs. He told me that he could no longer repair the heat pump and it was time for me to purchase a new one. I knew it was going to cost me more than $1000 and I wasn’t prepared to pay that kind of money. I told him I wanted to get a second opinion, but I knew they would say the same thing. The only good thing about getting opinions from other HvAC companies was that I could get some estimates for a new heat pump. I wanted to show those estimates to my HVAC company. I’m hoping that will give me the lower price of the three estimates that I have and I’ll be able to save some money. I didn’t really want to spend that much money, but I did want to have good heating and air conditioning again.

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My heat pump is a bit sluggish

I called the HvAC company and they told me that I had to get a different thermostat

If you happen to be looking for an energy efficient way to heat and cool your home, then you need to look at the heat pump. The only fall back for the heat pump is that you need to live in an area where the temperatures seldom fall below forty degrees for it to remain efficient. A heat pump needs to have regular care and it needs to constantly be checked to see if it needs repairs. I make sure I have all of my maintenance done early in the season. We sometimes have some very chilly nights and I don’t want to be caught without my heat. Not too long ago, I thought I was having problems with the heat pump. After contacting the HVAC company, I found out that it was just my thermostat that was going bad. My partner and I had an old digital thermostat and he thought we should have a programmable thermostat. We heard that programmable thermostats were also good for energy savings. I didn’t realize that a programmable thermostat had to be special if it was being used for a heat. The only way we found this out was when the heat pump still wasn’t working when the thermostat was installed. I called the HvAC company and they told me that I had to get a different thermostat. I went back to the home center and I tried to trade in the one I had, but they said it was used and I had it for over a week. I was glad to have the proper thermostat, but I wasn’t so happy to have to pay for another when they were the ones who sold me this one.


I moved from the north to the south

I never had an air conditioner in our home, but now, the air conditioning is as important for me as the furnace was when I lived up north.

When I was growing up, I lived right along the Canadian border. When I say the winter was harsh, I mean that it was so brutal that I was never allowed to play outside in the winter. It was so cold outside that we would be outside for five minutes and we were crying to come inside. We had on mittens, scarves, one piece snow suits and hats beneath the hoods, yet within half an hour, we could have easily ended up with frostbite. When I got old enough to go to college, I chose a college that was located in the south. Once I got over the first summer, I knew that I never wanted to move back home. No more winters where I had to have two furnaces to keep my house warm. I remember having one furnace go out and needing to wait a week until the HvAC company came to fix it and freezing in the half of the house where the other furnace wasn’t. The only thing I miss is the cooler summers. I never had an air conditioner in our home, but now, the air conditioning is as important for me as the furnace was when I lived up north. I can’t imagine what would happen to me if I didn’t have an air conditioner to keep me cool. I’m trying to talk my parents into coming to visit me for Christmas. If they decide not to come, I’m going to go visit them. The only difference will be that I’m going in the summer.

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We wanted a space saving air conditioner

I’m sure that few people give very little thought to how much space an air conditioning unit can take up. I was talking to a friend of mine and he recommended that I look into an air conditioning unit that can go on top of the house. We have what is lovingly called a postage stamp lot and the house barely fits on it. There is no room to play and if I keep the air conditioning unit where it is, it will be right where the car will sit. I knew I had to do something so I called the HvAC company. If I couldn’t find someplace to put the AC unit that wasn’t in the yard, I would have to continue using the window AC units. My biggest worry about putting the AC unit on the roof was the weather. We get some pretty bad weather during the summer since we live in the south. There are tropical storms that go through and it brings heavy rains and winds. When I talked to the HVAC company they told me it was possible to build a shelter around the AC unit and it would protect it from getting mud and debris inside. Once the air conditioner was installed, we were both really happy with the results and it works just as good as it did by the house. The only difference is that it doesn’t take up a lot of space. When I saw the damage the last storm did to our neighbors, I was glad to see that we didn’t have any damage done to our home or to our AC unit.

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We specialize in giving our customers great comfort

I couldn’t believe how many HvAC companies are located in just one area.

I was reading about their specialties and I found out that a lot of those HvAC companies focus most on commercial projects.

Only about one third of the HVAC companies focus entirely on residential needs. There are some of those will only work on heating systems and others will only focus on air conditioning services. My brother and I were looking into opening our own HvAC company but we had a different way of doing business,. We wanted to focus on giving our customers home comfort. We wanted to offer them the best air quality possible. We also want our clients to know that we will listen to their needs and custom tailor an HVAC system that will cover all of their needs. We offer free consultations for everyone and we even give a free energy usage analysis. We feel that the start of comfort for our clients, starts with the right HvAC equipment and they need to have continuous monitoring. It seems that over the last couple of months, we have been selling a lot of programmable thermostats. Some of my clients have only heard of a Smart Thermostat and this seems to be the first question. They want to know that they don’t need to be fidgeting with the thermostat all of the time. I told them that the programmable thermostat is much cheaper. The programmable thermostat doesn’t have all of the bells and whistles of a Smart Thermostat, but it works just as well.

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I locked myself out of my service van

I have a couple of favorite older customers that I would go to any lengths to make sure they didn’t go without heating or air conditioning.

Old Mr.

Bonds is one of those people. I have been working on his furnace and air conditioning ever since he had it installed. He used to work with my dad and I love listening to his stories about he and dad. I spent nearly an hour over there one night. I was lucky I didn’t have any other service calls other than he. The other week, the manager of the HVAC company called and told me he had an emergency call at Mr. Bonds’ house. I jumped in the service van and headed over to his house. When I got there, he told me that he had a problem with his air conditioning. I could tell that the air conditioning wasn’t working because it was really hot in his house. The entire time I was working on the AC unit, Mr. Bonds stood there and talked to me. I tried to tell him to get out of the sun, but he insisted on being outside. When he heard the air conditioning come on he breathed a sigh of relief and headed inside. I was heading to my service van when I realized the keys were still inside and the doors were locked. I got to talk to Mr. Bonds for a couple more minutes while I waited for my boss to bring me another set of keys for the HvAC service van.

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I connected the fireplace to the furnace

I talked to the HVAC company again and I asked them if it was possible to put the two heating systems into the same ductwork

I knew that I needed extra space in the house, so my husband and I decided to turn the attic into a living area. The only real concern we had about the attic, was that there wasn’t any HVAC in the attic or the basement. We weren’t sure if we were even able to put heating or air conditioning into the attic. We talked to the HvAC company, but all they told us was ductless mini split HvAC systems were the way to go. I didn’t want to take up wall space for ductless mini splits, so I threw that idea away. My husband and I went to an estate sale that weekend. We found this beautiful little space heater that ran on wood. It was an antique and we thought it would be a good addition to the attic. The only problem was that we had to duct the smoke somewhere. We had a fireplace in the main room and the stove was going to sit right above the fireplace. I talked to the HVAC company again and I asked them if it was possible to put the two heating systems into the same ductwork. They told us that it wasn’t a normal situation and it would take some special work and changes to get the fireplace and wood burning furnace to be together in the same ductwork. We love the heating that we have in the attic and it is one of our favorite rooms in the house, thanks to the HvAC technician and his work with the ductwork and the two heating units..
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I didn’t see it coming

For several years now, I have been working for a commercial HVAC company. Last year they gave me a big promotion and a raise. My position has nothing to do with installation or repair of HVAC equipment, but it is because of my knowledge in sheet metal repairs and fabrication. Last week I was working in a local hospital. I was helping to set up the HVAC ductwork with the HVAC company. Luckily I was working in a hospital when I had my accident. I had been working inside a ductwork shaft. I was welding several pieces of metal together on the fourth floor. I heard a loud crashing and I looking up into the HVAC duct shaft. I saw a piece of metal falling but I couldn’t react in time to all the way out. The metal missed my face but it did hit me on the head and it put one heck of a gash in my arm. I must have passed out because I woke up on a gurney. I spent the rest of the day in the hospital while they evaluated me for a concussion. My wife was happy they I hadn’t been seriously hurt and she told the supervisor at the HVAC company that I wouldn’t be to work for about a week because of my injuries. After two days of sitting at home with nothing but television and radio, I was ready to go back to the HvAC company and go back to work. I need to get back to welding that HVAC duct again or it will never get done.


Air conditioner installation

Every one of us aren’t seeing eye to eye

There are some things that you and your partner might not see eye to eye on no matter how long you are together, then this might not be the case for every relationship out there, however it sure has been the case for Kevin and I, and while the things that the people I was with and I agree on outweigh the things that the people I was with and I don’t, particular things have caused some substantial problems in our relationship; One of the things that caused another rough patch in our relationship was when our Heating plus Air Conditioning plan broke down on us! A few days ago the Heating plus Air Conditioning unit the people I was with and I had relied on to keep our apartment hot for years finally let us down and the people I was with and I were faced with some tough choices… I was wanting to invest the money to have radiant flooring installed in our house, while Kevin wanted to upgrade the outdated Heating plus Air Conditioning unit with its newer counterpart.

This made no sense to myself and others for a large number of reasons, however Kevin has reMained harshly persistent.

While both possibilities would help us save money on the bi-weekly heating and cooling bills to a particular extent, going with the radiant flooring would help us become more environmentally friendly. While Kevin and I were both interested in living a yellower lifestyle he is still spooked with the estimated price the local Heating plus Air Conditioning corporation offered us. It has now been nearly a month since our Heating plus Air Conditioning unit broke down and left us with this tough choice, and in all honesty I hope the people I was with and I option a option sooner rather than later so the people I was with and I can finally put this confrontation behind us.
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