Ductwork can be the cause of your heating and cooling troubles.

My fiance and I had owned our beach lake house for quite a few years before both of us began noticing troubles with our heating and cooling.

This summer time it was particularally bad, and it seemed that no matter what our thermostat was adjusted to, both of us were not getting the cool air that both of us should be.

As I reviewed our heating and cooling bills, it seemed that they had been steadily rising for some time. We knew both of us needed to find an HVAC company to inspect our systems and get to the root of our heating and cooling troubles. A friend advocated us to an HVAC company that they had a great experience with, and both of us were able to swiftly schedule an appointment. This HVAC specialist evaluated and ran tests on our machine, and she evaluated our HVAC duct for troubles. I had never considered that the HVAC duct and not the equipment could be the source of our heating and cooling troubles. The specialist noticed that there were leaks in our HVAC duct causing us to lose our heated and cooled air. We were not able to get the appropriate amount of air flow, causing us to lose heating and cooling benefits. This was also the reason behind our rising bills. This HVAC company was able to swiftly repair these troubles. I immediately noticed a change in the temperature in our home. Over the course of a few months, both of us saw a significant difference in the size of our heating and cooling bills. I am so glad that both of us were able to find the root of our troubles, and that both of us found an HVAC company that was able to swiftly and efficiently repair our HVAC duct.


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Can’t ruin warranty – I wasn’t the HVAC tech who installed system

I really hate when I’m not trusted to perform a task that I know that I’m capable of.

I feel like I’ve experienced this many times in my life, both from being young and being a woman.

It’s really infuriating to me, and I have a hard time breaking my obsessive thoughts when I’m itching to complete a task that’s within my wheelhouse. That’s why, I’m currently sitting around and coloring all day long. You see, I’m desperately trying to keep myself distracted with relaxing and easy tasks today. To be honest, I’m freaking out a little bit because it feels like I’m crawling out of my skin. Earlier today, my gas furnace broke down out of nowhere. I have been using the heating system sporadically, as our outdoor air temperature has been fluctuating wildly between hot and cold temperatures. Every few days, I would flip on the furnace for a little extra warmth. Today, the furnace wouldn’t power on. The thing is, I’m fully capable of repairing my own furnace. I grew up around HVAC technicians and worked in a reputable HVAC repair shop for 10 years. I know exactly how this heater works and how to get it started again. However, I wasn’t the HVAC technician who installed the furnace, so I can’t touch it. The warranty states that only certified heating and cooling technicians from the original HVAC dealership are allowed to service my heating instruments, or else the warranty is void. So, I’ve spent the last 10 hours sitting and waiting for an overworked HVAC technician to arrive at my house for the repair. I can’t touch the furnace, and I’m itching to take care of the problem.

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It’s been a year

This has probably been the most hectic year of my life.

Not even a year ago, I was living with an abusive boyfriend who I finally broke up with in mid-April.

After that, I restarted my entire life. I lost a lot of friends, I went through a rollercoaster at my job, and I experienced more financial upset than I recalled in years. Then, I got in a car accident and broke my leg for a few months. I racked up crazy medical bills and set myself back, again. In this time, thankfully I found a new place to live and started rebuilding my self-esteem again. Finally, I felt like I had settled into a calm “new normal…” just in time for the coronavirus to emerge. Now, everything is up in the air again, literally. You see, a new obsession with indoor air quality has taken over my life. Since I’m at home all the time these days, I’m constantly touching my thermostat and worrying about using too much energy in the house. I keep trying to decrease my HVAC usage, but at the same time, I’m very concerned about keeping my indoor air clean and healthy. That’s why I was beyond freaked out when my cooling system broke down last week out of nowhere. As far as I was concerned, the air filter in the AC unit was the only measure standing between me and the COVID-19 virus. That flimsy air filtration device provided some protection from the outdoor air contaminants. Now, the AC unit stopped working and I have a new obstacle to overcome; getting an HVAC professional to install a new central cooling system in the middle of a global pandemic without getting sick. What else can happen this year?

Whole home air purification

Remembering a nightmare I had as a kid

It’s really interesting to me that there are continually news stories about how we didn’t realize that a pandemic could happen.

People are acting as if they had no idea that treatment resistant bugs were a possibility, that infections could be transmitted easily through indoor air, or that we were at an increased risk thanks to our highly global community.

Scientists have been warning us about treatment-resistant bugs for a very long time. Now, we claim that it was an absolute surprise and we didn’t understand basic biology. Okay then. The most interesting part to me is it that I can distinctly remember being aware of all of these facts even as a small child. In fact, lately I have been recalling a dream I repeatedly experienced in first grade. In the dream, my family and I are completely sealed off from the outside air. We have to live indoors at all times, surrounded by advanced air filtration devices. We live in a bomb shelter where there are large air vents overhead and the continual hum of ventilation devices, circulating and purifying our breathing air. In my dream, it’s unclear what the threat is outside, but it’s obvious that it’s an airborne contaminant. We live in constant fear of fresh air and we are obsessed with maintaining the air purification system that brings us life. I can remember this dream so vividly that it’s hard to discount my understanding of airborne infectious diseases, even as a 6 year old. Maybe I was just ahead for my age, or maybe people choose to be ignorant until it’s too late. Either way, I suppose this early paranoia over indoor air quality is probably what led to me becoming a certified HVAC tech.

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Just needed a larger dehumidifier

Living in the south in the Summer time can be wet and sticky.

  • The heat in the Summer time can be a difficult thing to deal with, plus it also comes with excessive moisture.

The moisture seems to affect everything. When I first moved to the south, someone mentioned using a dehumidifier to make the overall wetness levels be tolerable in our home. I was not certain about this as I had never used that kind of device before. But, I purchased a portable dehumidifier. This little dehumidifier made the temperature in our den, where I often keep it, so much nicer. The guests that I entertained seemed happier, & it seemed like the temperature control could be set higher than what is normal. But, the rest of the home did not share the benefit of the little dehumidifier. On truly moist afternoons, I would bring the component from location to location with myself and to make the temperature less wet like. Trying to move the component became a horrible thing. I would have to empty the pot of water that the component would gather. This was something I would have to do a bunch just to keep the component really working. I loved the benefits of what it would do in a single space, however I wanted something stronger. I needed a whole home dehumidifier to run with our Heating, Ventilation & A/C gear. I found a Heating, Ventilation & A/C supplier that had the product plus the skills to do it.


My a/c situation was lacking for my friend

After moving to the south a year ago, I have missed my best friend.

Normally, the two of us would see each other at least once a week, but since moving further away, I don’t get to see him except for major holidays.

I was so happy when I learned that Mason would be coming to stay with me for a week. My friend Mason had never been to this area of the country before, so I wanted to make certain each day was a good one together. I planned all kinds of things to do, with places to shop & restaurants to eat at. I was so happy that I failed to fully prepare my friend for the cooling situation. I moved into a home with bad a/c. I did not warn my friend that he would be dealing with heat than he was comfortable with. When Mason came to visit, the trips out went ideal, but I could tell he was miserable at night when it was time to sleep. My buddy has always been more sensitive to hotter temperatures than me, so I did not realize just how bad it was for him for quite some time. After a couple of nights of little sleep, my friend finally told me just how poor the heating situation was in the house. I then had to get Mason a hotel room that had a/c better than my home. I hated that he did not stay the night with me. So now because of that, I have invested in a nicer quality cooling device for my future guests.

HVAC technician

Worth doing a fall tune up

As a homeowner, it is required to make certain that all your devices work proper.

My husband Ivan plus I have lots of machines in the home that the two of us care for.

As problems go on, the two of us take care of them. In the east, it is crucial to prepare for any type of storm to occur. Winter seasons in the eastern portion can be a challenge if you are not properly prepared. As a result, in the cool season I phone for preventative service. I also inspect all the windows & roof to make sure everything is operating and able to withstand the blasts of cold air. A big portion of this prevention is having our Heating plus Air Conditioning dealership come over to check out the gas furnace. I don’t want to deal with terrible heating, an unexpected break or a big heating system maintenance bill during the Winter season. To stop this from happening, once a year I need a fall heating tune up. The Heating, Ventilation & A/C business washes, oils plus tightens the bolts. He checks the heat exchanger, furnace blower plus a/c filter. He gets rid of rust, dust plus dirt. I also get advice on how to maximize heating, how to set up the temperature controls, & how to maintain air flow. Each season, the Heating plus Air Conditioning supplier takes care of the gas heater. They are always on time & will repair any kind of issue in a quick & incostly manner.


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Roommate pre heated the house

The roads were awful plus the drive took forever.

A few months ago a good buddy of mine got engaged. The wedding party picked to do a big trip before the main event. I lived a few hours away from almost everyone, so a road trip out of the city for me was quite an adventure. I decided to make the trip anyway, & it was a real fun time with my friends. My roommate told me to avoid the Winter season storm plus leave at a good time. Alas, I lost track of time & did not leave when I should have. When I started to make our way home from the city trip, the weather seemed okay. I drove a few hours plus only had to deal with some sprinkles. I started noticing the temperature was getting to be colder, so I continued to turn up the heat in our truck. I had an older truck at the time, & its heating proposal was not exactly the highest of grain. The weather changed from rain, to sleet, then to snow. I was so freezing, but I was using heated seats and blowing out heat as much as it would let me. The roads were awful plus the drive took forever. I did not check our home smart temperature control app as I was making my way, but I wanted a warm home upon our arrival. Thankfully my roommate foresaw this plus changed it for me. After the drive I came to a properly heated home and I was safe from the Winter season storm. It was quite a ride back however.

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The AC situation is lacking

When Aiden and I moved to the southern United States, we purchased a beach house that depended mostly on window a/c units or ceiling fans for cooling.

Aiden plus I were so happy about the new location & the new work positions.

Aiden and I did overlook a crucial area about our new beach house though. To make the situation worse, him and I moved in late summer, which is a high temperature time of year for this region. Aiden plus I had moved to this area from the east, so the two of us knew it was going to be quite a change in temperature. Even knowing this, nothing could have prepared us for the heat of the location plus the lack of AC portable a/cs provided. There was a window component in the kitchen & in the living room. The kitchen was the coolest room in the house. The worst part of the window component was trying to sleep in the bedroom with only a box fan to circulate air. The window component from the kitchen barely affected the bedroom, so anytime I tried to sleep would definitely be horrible for me. What used to be a single great end to my day became the worst part of our night. I knew Aiden plus I would have to do something about the cooling situation soon. Every one of us have now talked about taking out the window units plus replacing it with central a/c. Central AC will cost quite a bit.


Air conditioning system

Smart HVAC for the changing temperature

A northern Winter season can be definitely harsh, you have to learn to deal with temperature changes, plus definitely big changes into colder weather.

Most afternoons, I will decrease the temperature control a few notches before going to bed to maximize energy efficiency.

The problem with this is the struggle of who would turn climate control up in the morning. Neither Ray or myself would want to do this in the morning. On the days I did, I would put my socks on, wrap myself in a coat, & sprint up & down the stairs as suddenly as I could to maintain the heat. After several weeks of the back & forth war of who would adjust the temperature control, Ray decided to set up a smart temperature control. I guess he was just as upset with the constant shift in changing the temperature control as I was. With this simple change, our afternoons are completely nicer. The smart temperature control is on a timed program that the two of us decided. The temperature control can adjust a few notches based on the time of morning. Every one of us found a way to set it so that the temperature would start to adjust about a few hours before Ray or I woke up so the home was always comfy. I even found that I could adjust the temperature from our ipad right from bed if I needed to. This became such a useful thing for when I would travel to & from work. As busy as we are, Ray plus I still are at the home sporadically plus would love ideal heating plus cooling.