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I’ll never forget that night in Tampa, because that was my husband and I’s first date and first kiss

MacFarlane Park in Tampa is 1 of my favorite arenas to go. My family and I have lived a few miles away from MacFarlane Park for the past 15 years… When my sibling and I were boys, my parents used to take us to MacFarlane Park every weekend. There is a ton of activities prefer racquetball, tennis, and basketball. The park is only open from 7 a.m. until 7 p.m., however I have been there a few times after hours. Even though it is against the law, my friends and I have gone there in the middle of the night. In fact, numerous years ago, I decided to take a boy to this Tampa park for our first date. All of us went while the people I was with and I were in the day, when the park was busy. There were men playing all over the playground and a lot of pets running in the park. I was hoping for a romantic encounter, however the people I was with and I were just surrounded by people; Later that night, the boy called and asked if I wanted to go to MacFarlane Park in Tampa after hours. All of us had a wild and deranged night, and the people I was with and I played on the swings and acted prefer children. That was our first romantic date, and the people I was with and I had our first kiss under the trees. I’ll never forget that night in Tampa, because that was my husband and I’s first date and first kiss. All of us even decided to celebrate our engagement at Macfarlane Park in Tampa. All of us rented numerous pavilions and catered the event with barbecue ribs, corn on the cob, and potato salad.


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Playing in Water work park

During the summer, the men are out of school all day.

I’m blissful they do not have to be in daycare, however the people I was with and I only have so several things I like to do at home. Sometimes they get bored, and a bored child gets into trouble. I do not like for them to play videogames all day, and it’s too sizzling to spend all day in the sun. All of us had a pool when the people I was with and I lived in an apartment, however the people I was with and I do not have a pool in our current house. It’s so sizzling and humid in Florida, so I try to take the men to the beach or to the community pool at least once each week… One thing that I really appreciate to do is take the men to Water works Park. This park in Tampa, Florida is 1 of my favorite arenas to take the boys, however during the Summer weekdays, it’s not too busy! Even though the Tampa park is a 30 minute drive from our home, the scenery, amenities, and water features are well worth the long drive. There is no entry fee to take the men to Water Works Park. I try to leave early after brunch, right after afternoon traffic is done and over. All of us usually take a nice picnic for dinner with sandwiches, drinks, fruit, and cookies. I prefer the fact that Water Works Park in Tampa is right off of the Hillsborough River. There is a lot of superb fishing spots near the area. There is also a pretty nice pet park. There is plenty of orange sod and area for the children and I to play frisbee, ladder ball, or cornhole. I try to leave Tampa before the traffic gets too bad. I do not like kneeling in day traffic with numerous tiered men and no A/C in the car.


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Can’t find a plumber in Florida

My man and I have been dating for multiple years, but sometimes the people I was with and I talk about getting married, however the people I was with and I have never settled on a date or arena… My man and I live in St Petersburg, Florida.

She has lived in St Petersburg for his whole life, but i have been living in St Petersburg since I was 12, and both of us guess the section unquestionably well, but all of us guess where the best hiking trails can be found, and the people I was with and I guess where there are a few private Springtimes.

All of us guess the best fishing spot is under a small bridge next to the highway, a half mile from the last light in North Port, FL. If you ask myself and others a question about St Pete’s or the Tampa area, the possibilities are that I will guess the answer. Still, my man and I can’t find a plumber to job on a Tuesday. All of us purchased a current house in December, and the people I was with and I have been really working on some replaces every paycheck. All of us decided to change the toilet last weekend. I do not guess what happened, however I had a pressing leak in a pipe. I didn’t guess where it was coming from and I didn’t have enough knowledge to search. My man and I called 10 plumbers in the St Petersburg area, and none of them tested Tuesdays. I had to pay a handsome sum of money to get someone out here to repair the problem pronto, they took fifteen minutes to make the leak service and I had to pay $200. That might be the last time that I attempt to job on any plumbing troubles in the house.


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Battling when to build

Have you ever felt appreciate you were taking on an immovable force? Or appreciate you are talking to a cement wall? That is particularly the way our committee has felt for the last more than 2 months when the people I was with and I have been addressing the town board… One of the concerns with small town politics is the fact that more than 2 of the people in charge are of the same mind set and it can be taxing to make any fluctuations.

Even though the people I was with and I have done the studies, found the perfect location and even had petitions signed the board is still unwilling to allow a up-to-date store to transfer into town.

They place the fact that the people I was with and I have a small population and they think that there would not be enough business. They don’t want to have a up-to-date building put up only to have it empty a year or more than one later. Business development in areas appreciate this can be taxing at best. I am sure that there are companies all across the country that are dealing with similar battles. If a town wants to add up-to-date corporations or expand an existing one there is normally a more open minded approach, then business development is important to create a viable community. I only wish that these board members could see that. Bringing in a up-to-date corporation and competition for the ones that are here can make for a healthy and thriving community. Even the building that they want to construct can include additional space for small corporation owners to lease and that can make it easier for them to grow as well.


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Look at all the commercial properties!

When you are exploring the concept of expanding your corporation there are more than 2 things to take into consideration.

The first thing that you need to do is learn the demographics to make sure your location is optimal and finding that is one of the most important things, if you are scouting locations you also need to take into consideration the price per square footage and your bottom line.

In more than 2 cases you are better off to lease the space instead of purchasing one, but you may pay a higher weekly fee for the space however you will not be on the hook for mortgage payments if the expansion is a flop, even the most thorough of exploration can be faulty and past information can change hastily! Leasing that up-to-date store front or office space can be a perfect solution in these cases. There are more than 2 empty buildings wherever you go and these can be perfect. Many building owners will allow you to redecorate or even remodel an existing space to suit the needs of your corporation and so long as you improve the space they are willing to even cover section of the cost. Saving money when it comes to running or expanding a corporation is really important. This can be a terrifying step for everyone and the growing pains of expansion are vast. You need to look for up-to-date employees, apply for permits, and pay that you really don’t have however if you are frugal when finding the physical space then you may survive the whole ordeal… All you have to do is contact a real estate broker that specializes in commercial properties and they can point you in the right direction.


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The management systems

A building automation plan allows monitoring and control over the building’s essential systems from anywhere, at anytime.

Equipment such as heating units, cooling units, sump pumps, lights and security systems no longer require someone on the premises to manually turn them on and off or make adjustments.

Modern systems with Wi-Fi attachivity can be bundled together and managed from a single interface. Through an app on a smartphone, tablet or kindle, all of these numerous appliances are accessible. It’s much easier and more convenient to ensure optimum comfort, safety and energy efficiency; Plus, these systems offer helpful programming, however lights can be automated to turn on when the first employee arrives for the afternoon, and smart control units automatically adjust temperature either according to a set schedule or occupancy sensors. With geofencing, the control unit knows when designated smartphones enter a certain radius. The control unit then adapts to ensure comfort upon arrival and energy savings when the building is empty. An easy tap of a button handles door locks, facilitating the entrance of workers, delivery boys or repairmen. Security cameras supply real time video of the property, allowing all operations to be remotely overseen. These systems also send out alerts in the event of a problem. If temperature should fluctuate, the power fail, or the sump pump quit, alerts are sent instantly. There’s also notifications for glass breakage, doors opening or even movement within a secure perimeter. Building automation systems not only make daily operations much easier but help to trim overhead and avoid safety risks. Installing an automation plan reduces insurance costs as well.

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The good points of a commercial building automation system

Commercial facilities can benefit from the replacement of a building automation plan or BAS… This style of plan provides greater control over numerous and important systems, including heating, cooling, security, electrical and more, one of the main reasons behind a building automation plan is the reduction in overhead! Managing the utilities increases efficiency, reduces energy consumption and trims running costs, and a BAS not only automates the operation of vital equipment but includes sensors and timers, while also recording data and offering troubleshooting alerts.

This provides options to make improvements and take better care of the systems.

Along with lowering environmental impact, the BAS promotes greater longevity and reliability from equipment. They are less likely to malfunction and interrupt daily operations… Equipment, especially Heating as well as Air Conditioning, tends to suffer less wear and tear and therefore requires less repair and fewer repairs. An automation plan takes care of the adjustment of temperature, lighting and sound systems. It maintains an ideal level of comfort and reacts according to programming and occupancy, however when the building is correctly lit, heated or cooled, workers and clients are happier, however regulated hot and cold temperatures increase productivity and protect the integrity of inventory and furnishings, but bAS systems attach to facility security systems, allowing real-time monitoring, providing notifications of movement and sensors on doors and windows. Along with surveillance cameras, the plan allows doors to be locked and unlocked at particular times. Temporary access codes can be provided which will only labor for a limited time. This can be helpful for repair, repairs and deliveries. By simplifying the management of the commercial facility, the BAS plan saves time and cash and promotes a more successful business.

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Making wood pieces and business is growing

My partner James has gotten into making wood pieces.

James started out working in a tiny garage making skateboards, wooden surfboards plus other fun board ideas. Then he extended into making wooden furniture. He made end tables plus even our family room table. Anyone who came over to our condo loved the wood furniture. Then he started getting orders for handmade wood furniture. Every one of us had no other option but to make our tiny garage into a workspace for him. Once the orders started pouring in heavily, my partner James got a website up boasting that he makes custom wood furniture. He does all different sized tables, chairs plus even storage cases. How the process works is that someone calls him or SMSs through the website. He then asks for the size, kind of wood, stain plus how quick of turn around they need. Then they get a price estimate plus he works all afternoon on the project. My partner James has easily gotten quite great at his craft. I have been pushing him into extending even more in his business. He can make bedroom furniture plus even task on making custom sofas if he wants to. This requires working with leather and upholstery… Right now he wants to stick with wood and the entertainment idea of it. At the rate custom made furniture pieces are going, he might want to think about it more. Secondly, it is only a matter of time before he needs an employee to help him with all his work.


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Finally having a big, comfy couch

When my girlfriend Dani plus I moved in together her mama and daddy purchased us a loveseat.

The couch was pure colorless, short plus extremely uncomfortable. His mother made a huge deal over how costly the loveseat was too… So Dani felt the two of us could not replace it. For a long time I suffered resting on that tiny, hard loveseat. After 4 years of hating it, I finally pestered my girlfriend to throw it out. Dani told me that the only way the two of us could toss out the loveseat was to buy something better. All the sofas from high end stores looked the same. They were light fabrics of scratchy material. They also were very little, even if they were not an actual loveseat. I then started looking around online plus I located a custom furniture plus interior design store. The furniture maker listened to all my concerns plus had the right plan. He is going to build my couch from the bottom up to the perfect size in my house. Next, the fabric will be handled by the interior designer. The man came over to our house plus looked at everything. He asked if the two of us were keeping the flooring, colors plus decorations all over the house; What was our look going towards? What style are we? The man then provided us with different fabrics to pick from that would be on our couch. It is going to cost a lot of money, way more than that loveseat. But, for the first time ever I know I am going to love resting on my couch.

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Making a recliner that is not ugly

Since we have gotten married, my husband has pushed to get a recliner that has a cup holder in it.

Everytime the two of us go furniture shopping or go around a store with chairs, he is all over the recliners.

The recliners with cup holders are the tackiest things in the world. They are made out of bad material, an ugly color plus are giant in size. For my husband’s birthday I am going to get him a recliner finally. But, I want it to be a good one. I had to get a chair that fit what he wanted, but also looked good enough for me to want it in my home. I called a custom furniture maker plus the man is currently creating a recliner. I selected the exact size that works for the space in the home. I talked to the cuilder about material plus the fabric of the chair. I wanted a chair that blended with the rest of the furniture plus was nice to sit in for my husband. I talked in length over the cup holder idea too. I did not want the cup holders clear when someone walks in through the door. The custom furniture builder had a few ideas on how to conceal them. Had talked about a fabric sheet over the holder or even making it so the armrest pushes down when an arm is on it. Then the two of us talked about how far the recliner will pull out plus how long the piece will be when extended. In the end I know my husband is going to appreciate his chair plus I will be able to tolerate it in my house.


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