Hotels can be crowded over the holidays

My lovely spouse plus I usually go out and visit our family while in Christmas plus New Years.

  • Since the two of us both spend our lives working as instructors, the two of us regularly have this holiday off work together.

My spouse plus I have about three weeks of holiday time right at the end of the year. The two of us use this time to visit with loved ones, and last year, the two of us decided to visit our Mom for once. The two of us were going to stay at the small apartment, until the two of us realized that it was too small to be viable. My spouse plus I ended up looking for a hotel in the city. Everything was reserved, plus the two of us had to narrow down our selections to find something that would actually work. The two of us ended up in an older hotel located on the Southside. The hotel was worn down plus all of the exterior features definitely seemed outdated plus dangerous. The grounds were filled with dry turf beds plus dead flowers. Inside the lobby was a truly unusual story. The place was packed with unhappy people waiting for their rooms. The hotel staff was backed up terribly. The whole first floor had a problem with the heat. They were trying their best to get everything fixed while folks waited. With forty people kneeling around, the atmosphere was stinky plus gross. Since our spouse plus I didn’t want to wait in that room full of nasty people, the two of us made the choice to go have supper. The two of us found a small diner that had a great heater, which made the place super hot plus cozy. My spouse plus I let that heat soak into our sleepy plus cold bones and, finally, I forgot how cold it was.

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I recommend you stay out of the hotel

The boys thought it was a fun plus neat experience to spend each night in a hotel, but our spouse plus I were actually aggravated plus didn’t ever sleep well

During the holidays, many thousands of people are traveling across the country! Folks option to drive, fly, plus trek to sites all over the globe. There’s something special about the holidays that makes me want to see all of our closest friends plus family. After graduation, I joined the military to become an aircraft pilot, so I spent a few years in the states plus then shortly thereafter I was sent overseas for three tours of duty. I desperately missed seeing our friends plus family, but it cost thousands of dollars to consistently fly back for the holidays. I acquired new customs plus adjusted to the culture while I lived there. Eventually I met our spouse plus the two of us settled down together to have a family of our own. When the boys were young, the two of us went off and moved back home. My spouse plus I tried to find a cabin before the two of us finally made it back to the States, but it was difficult for everyone to make a decision without seeing the property. The lot of us were forced to stay in a hotel for numerous weeks to get by. The boys thought it was a fun plus neat experience to spend each night in a hotel, but our spouse plus I were actually aggravated plus didn’t ever sleep well. It’s difficult enough to sleep in a room where the janky walls are paper-thin, but it’s even more difficult to sleep when the existing air conditioning sounds like a jet engine. My spouse plus I were always sleeping in the family room where the air conditioning was located, and every time it turned on to blow cold air, I actually was woken up. Man, I was ready to get out of that hotel.

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Glad the pups are comfortable

A few months ago, our spouse plus I decided to foster some puppies for the local shelter.

I was against the plan at first, mostly because I didn’t feel like the two of us had enough time to foster babies.

You know, little puppies require a lot of work. They have to have outdoor time constantly because they need to go pee every minute. Even in the wee hours of night, the puppies still require time plus energy. Even if the two of us were sincerely busy, our spouse still wanted to foster these little guys. The two of us drove over to the humane society last Wednesday after work to get them. I have not been to the location since they completed the major renovations plus I was surprised to see all of the changes. The biggest one, I thought, is the addition of temperature control in the outdoor bays. They finally can keep more pets now, because the extra space has efficient temperature control. The new place looks great, feels cool plus extremely comfortable, plus even smells quite fresh. They must have upgraded all of the ventilation machine in there too, because I didn’t hear the same loud noises coming all the time from the overhead vents. They were regularly loud plus I often worried they would fall on our head. The rust plus dust was undoubtedly holding the highly outdated ventilation work together. It was difficult not to smile when we were presented with the tiny pair of pups. The two of us get to keep them for a full week, plus after that, they will be ready for adoption.


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You never know where you’ll go

If you are looking for a great career, I can give you a great hint.

The HVAC service plus upgrade field is one of the fastest-growing occupations available today.

Since the environment is changing fast, there is going to be a continued need for skilled HVAC workers. In fact, the average entry position for HVAC workers is 24% higher than 15 years ago. There are not a lot of other industries that can say the same about their salaries; A career in HVAC service can also be rewarding. Every single day is going to be different, plus you have a mix of dealing with humans plus HVAC troubles. When our kid was deciding between technical university plus a 4 year university, I acquired a lot of information about HVAC Sciences at the tech school. My kid ultimately chose to learn this specialty, plus he has happily been a certified worker for the past three years. The entire HVAC program only took 18 weeks to finish, plus our kid found a job for himself even before he completed his final classes. These days, he has a short commute to work each day, he finds the job interesting and rewarding, plus he just gained a raise. He’s using his money to invest in more HVAC training, to become a specialized technician in the air quality control field. I am actually proud of all these HVAC accomplishments, plus I think that our kid worked incredibly hard to get to this point.

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Getting specialized in the HVAC industry

After the birth of our fourth child, our partner plus I decided to transfer back cabin to be much closer to his parents.

I wasn’t excited in the beginning, because I didn’t want to entirely transfer back to a small town after living in the city. I entirely liked living in the neighborhood where our entire family plus I could enjoy several unusual types of activities. I knew our opportunities would be severely limited when the two of us moved everything back to the middle of nowhere. Still, the two of us were both actually working full-time for ourselves plus needed help with childcare. It made sense to promptly transfer back if his mom was going to help us with the boys each day. One thing that I did not expect was for our partner to make more money working in this small town. When the two of us lived in the city, he worked each day for a commercial boiler service service. When the two of us moved back to the country, most HVAC companies were ecstatic to find a worker with experience repairing commercial boilers. It meant they could offer the same services. My beloved partner had three great job offers in the first week. Not only do the two of us have boatloads of free childcare now, but the two of us are making about $35,000 more each year. I never wanted to transfer back to this small town when we talked about it, but it turned out to be a great decision for our family.
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The oil furnace has a heat exchanger that needs reparations

The weather outside is actually cold plus frosty right now in my area.

The wind chill is undoubtedly making things worse for everyone, because the winds are near 30 mph each day.

The two of us are so close to the lake plus that does not help with our ridiculously breezy climate and cold temperatures. Now is the worst time to have trouble with the oil furnace, so of course it’s happening. The outdoor temperatures have been in the 20s all week, plus our family plus I woke up to a cabin without heat this particular day. The two of us had trouble with the oil furnace sometime the prior year too, plus the two of us ended up spending hundreds of hard-earned dollars on a major service bill. I wasn’t surprised whenever the oil furnace service corporation offered us terrible news this visit, as well. They informed our family plus I that the heat exchanger is desperately cracked plus needs to be repaired or replaced; Unluckily, the two of us have put so much money already into this outdated oil furnace that a service seems like a terrible idea to purchase. It’s actually close to Christmas plus the thought of spending many thousands of dollars on a new oil furnace does not sound like a great plan for me, either. Still, the two of us had to make a decision for our family. The two of us finally moved ahead to replace the oil furnace all together with a new unit. The new oil furnace will help us save a lot of energy over the next numerous years. That should mean much lower electric bills, so at least that is one silver lining in all this mess.

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Catching up with old pals and new HVAC

My boo plus I got married about 5 years ago plus the two of us moved to a new bustling neighborhood plus state.

  • It’s been several years since the bunch of us have spent time with our university friends; They have been hounding us for many months to come back to neighborhood plus stay for a few afternoons with them.

We couldn’t find time, but since our spouse plus I had a week of holiday together in October, the two of us made the choice to go visit for 5 afternoons! While the two of us were in town for the visit, the two of us were planning on staying in a local hotel. However, on the first evening of our arrival, our friends insisted that the couple of us stay at their place instead. Since the two of us would save almost $600 on the hotel stay, the two of us decided to take them up on the generous offer, my spouse plus I had our own room, which was near the back of the lovely residence. This section of the cabin was an older addition, but it definitely had a lot of new appeal. The room was great plus there was even a ductless heating plus AC machine in the room for us to utilize. The two of us were harshly ecstatic to see how we had own air quality machine, especially with the temperatures hot plus humid. Our hosts allowed us to change the temperature easily on the control machine to any comfortable settings we wanted, so our spouse plus I slept actually comfortable with the AC set on 75 degrees. The two of us saved a lot of money by continually staying with our friends. It was a great trip.


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Window air conditioners could be the best choice.

My partner and I purchased a perfectly lovely little cottage down by the lake.

The only decision we had to make with the cottage, was what to do with the air conditioning. We already had a small oil furnace in the cottage but there wasn’t any air conditioning in the cottage. I’m assuming the previous owners had no need for AC, or there would be some kind of cooling system in the house. My partner and I weighed all of the options we had for installing air conditioning. We didn’t want to have to install ductwork and take up any space, by installing a traditional air conditioning unit. We had heard about ductless mini split HVAC systems. We found out that the cost was outrageous and it would need to take up space on the walls. Neither of liked that idea. We went online and we were able to find a couple of websites that gave us all kinds of information on air conditioning. This made it much easier to make a decision on our HvAC. We finally decided that what we needed was to get a good window air conditioning unit. With a large window air conditioner, we would be able to cool off the entire cottage with just one unit. We spent less than $500 for a good sized and energy efficient air conditioning unit. We knew that it would have cost nearly three times that much if we were to get a traditional AC unit. There is only one minor drawback that we can find with using an AC unit, and that is that it took up the sunshine we could have gotten from the window.


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What are BTU’s

I sometimes wonder if I am the only one who has ever wondered what a BTU is? We all hear the initials BTU, but do we really know what they mean.

BTU stands for British thermal units.

BTU is the amount of energy used to get totally comfortable temperatures in your home. There are several different sizes of BTU available. Many things can affect the BTU rating and the AFUE rating. AFUE stands for Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency. If you happen to be looking for a good furnace that is totally efficient, then you need to look for a furnace that has 95% or higher of an efficiency rating. This means that 95% of the energy used is going toward giving you heat. If you look at a furnace that has a rating that is 80% or lower, it means that you are using a lot less energy toward heating and you are wasting a lot of money on fuel. It is also important to find a furnace that sized properly for your home. If you have a furnace that is too big for your home, it will be constantly cycling on and off, which is not efficient. If you have a furnace that is too small for your home, your furnace will be running continuously. It is important to speak to your HVAC company and have them size the furnace and even replace for you. If you happen to be a person who wants to do their own installation, then you should still have the HvAC company help you to choose the right HVAC equipment for your needs and home.

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I could have bought a used one, but I didn’t

I always want to be able to save money when I am shopping.

I will buy last year’s leftover models even if it is clothing if it means I am saving a couple bucks.

I have bought bathing suits that are almost a steal, during the winter. The one thing that this didn’t work for me, was when I had to replace my heat pump. I knew that it was going to need replaced. A heat pump only has a lifespan of about fifteen years and mine was well beyond that. Over the last couple of years, I had been spending quite a bit trying to keep it running, but it really hasn’t been very successful. My energy efficiency has gone way down. This year, when I called the HvAC company, he wasn’t so generous with his repairs. He told me that he could no longer repair the heat pump and it was time for me to purchase a new one. I knew it was going to cost me more than $1000 and I wasn’t prepared to pay that kind of money. I told him I wanted to get a second opinion, but I knew they would say the same thing. The only good thing about getting opinions from other HvAC companies was that I could get some estimates for a new heat pump. I wanted to show those estimates to my HVAC company. I’m hoping that will give me the lower price of the three estimates that I have and I’ll be able to save some money. I didn’t really want to spend that much money, but I did want to have good heating and air conditioning again.

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