Our house is going to be so much cooler now that we have an air conditioner

It may sound funny to some people, but I have never owned an air conditioner.

My husband and I have always just lived with the heat.

When I was a little girl, my parents were too poor to afford air conditioning, so we did not have air conditioning when I was younger either. I was so used to not having air conditioning that I did not mind not having it for so many years as an adult. I think it has gotten hotter where we live. The last two summers have been quite a bit warmer than what we are used to, so we decided to buy our very first air conditioner before summer begins this year. It is May, so my husband and I went to the store last night and picked out an air conditioner for our house. We are so excited to start using it. We actually took it out of the box last night, and we plan to install it in the living room window tomorrow. I am so excited to finally have a cool house. It will be really weird for sure, and I hope that we like it. I am a little afraid that we will not like having such a cool house, but we shall see. My husband is even more excited than I am about our new air conditioner because he works outside all day long, so he thinks it will be refreshing for him to come home to a nice cool house. I am super thankful to have an air conditioner for the first time ever.


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