Old family photos need better air quality control

Several months ago my brothers and I suddenly found ourselves responsible for taking care of a house full of family heirlooms.

  • We had no idea that this monumental task was suddenly going to be pushed onto our plates, and quickly had to scramble to figure out what to do with all of the prized belongings.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like we have anything valuable to take care of or sell. Instead, we have a whole collection of random sentimental items. Some of the most sensitive belongings that we found are contained in flimsy cardboard boxes, which makes the issue even more convoluted. Yep, I’m talking about stacks of family photos. We recognize that we need to upgrade a few heating, cooling, and air quality control systems before we can possibly relocate the delicate photos after consulting with a local antique shop. It turns out, you can’t keep antique photos in modern heating, cooling, and air quality control systems without permanently damaging the pictures. Because the photos are printed on sensitive paper, you have to carefully manage your indoor air quality and air temperature if you do not want to cause irreparable damage. Of course, none of us have a high quality heating, cooling, and ventilation system at home. We are all operating basic forced air furnaces and air conditioning units that are supposed to manage the indoor air temperature and air quality for an entire household. As such, there is a lot of temperature fluctuation and air quality changes. Until one of us can afford a professional heating and cooling upgrade, we cannot remove the prized family heirlooms to resolve this necessary chore.

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