Old condo could be individual apartments, if Heating and A/C is changed

I’m one of those people who had never content with our job, however no matter where I’m laboring, I constantly assume like I can be doing more… Ultimately, I would like to be one of those lucky folks who has passive income streams earning them money even when they aren’t paying attention 8 hours a day, that’s why, I’m pretty interested in property investments & becoming a rental property owner… I figure, if you can find a particular & lovely condo & turn it into individual apartments, you are likely to find nice occupants who don’t require much upkeep. I would never want to have a megacomplex with a thoUSnd low income residents – or else I’d end up repairing their Heating and A/C systems & dishwashers all day long. It makes sense to me to buy a big seasoned Victorian condo & chop it up..… Assuming that you can change the central heating & cooling system, and here’s the thing, if you have an seasoned condo with an antique boiler system, there is only going to be one centralized temperature for the entire home, however you can’t even install zone controlled heating & cooling without air ducts running through the walls, & I would never want to install air duct because it is so costly, then but I also wouldn’t want to install ugly window A/C units & temperamental space gas oil furnaces for their use. Therefore, I would use mini chop ductless heating & cooling systems in each apartment, so our occupants could determine their own air temperature preferences & leave me alone, but less occupants means less complaints, & higher quality Heating and A/C devices means less device service & service that I have to perform… Passive income, here I come.


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