Now she’s in school for her HVAC interests

Vanessa, the youngest kid of Alex from Alex’s Heating and Air Conditioning shop, would soon be walking across the stage and joyously receiving her school diploma.

Alex and Margaret could not have been prouder.

Against the advice of her father, Vanessa had chosen to follow in her dad’s footsteps by choosing to go into the family’s favorite Heating and Air Conditioning program at the vocational school. Alex would have number one school, despite the fact that she would hear none of it. Nothing would do for Vanessa except to become a heating and cooling specialist as her dad was, so she could work side by side with him at Alex’s Heating and Air Conditioning and 1 day try to take over the family business. Vanessa’s brother breathed a sigh of relief because he had no interest whatsoever in any part of heating and cooling. His passion sits in the arts – identifiably dance and theater. Anyway, Vanessa and her parents were so proud, and he agreed that she should do what she wanted to do with her upcoming adult life, even if that meant hard work repairing and installing air conditionings and furnaces. Vanessa always liked now working with her hands, and there is nothing wrong with that. So, promptly after she donned her cap and gown and took a few weeks off, she rapidly decided to go to the vocational school nearby and get all the information they had at the time about the Heating and Air Conditioning program. At 1 point in time, Alex had taught a few Heating and Air Conditioning classes at night, so all the admissions people knew who Vanessa was, and she was immediately admitted to the discerning HVAC program. Vanessa began her Heating and Air Conditioning training, and she was so excited.

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