Not getting enough to drink

I grew up in a rural area and we didn’t have city water.

We had a well on our property, and the water was extremely hard.

It smelled like rotten eggs and had an orange tint to it. The water was full of rust, calcium and lime and stained our plumbing fixtures and linens. Because of this, we didn’t drink the water. At that time, bottled water wasn’t an option. My mother was unwilling to buy us sugary drinks, so we didn’t have any pop or kool aid. I wasn’t a big fan of fruit juice. We ended up drinking a lot of tea. Even with our hard water, we could make a cup of tea and it would taste good. We drank hot tea all winter long and iced tea in the summer. We sometimes made sun tea by filling a pitcher with water and a bunch of tea bags and setting it in the sun. The habit of drinking tea has carried over into my adulthood. I detest the taste of coffee and still avoid sugary drinks that are loaded with empty calories. Unfortunately, I also don’t drink enough water. I frequently have problems caused by dehydration. I get headaches, chills and even fever caused by not drinking enough water. I’ve even passed out several times. I simply can’t make myself drink a sufficient amount of plain water. I don’t like the taste of it. While tea might not be the same as plain water, at least I’m getting some liquid. I’ve traded black tea for herbal varieties to avoid the cafeine and I don’t let myself add any sugar.

Valerian root tea

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