My thermostat is my assistant

If my thermostat didn’t give me reminders, I doubt that I would ever remember to change my air filters! My thermostat is not something that I know about on a respected basis, unless there’s a problem with it, however of course I notice it if there’s any concern with the heating and cooling in the house! But other than that, my thermostat is more love than a single of those “set it and forget” types of things, then at this point in my life, I’m certainly stressed with work and the gym and two young boys and a husband and church! There are literally things happening all the time, and if I don’t watch it, I could get burned out on things pretty easily! That’s the reason I don’t need extra stuff to worry about, love the last time I changed my gas furnace filter or my air conditioning filter.

I knew this about myself personally when we purchased our digital programmable smart thermostat last year, and now I’m thrilled that I did.

I thought about the fact that I’m almost always forgetting things like taking out the trash and switching the stove off and decreasing the air filters in our Heating and Air Conditioning system! With that being said, when I saw that a single of the features of that unique thermostat was a digital reminder on the display screen and a text to your smartphone from the heating and cooling app, I knew that it was the right thermostat for our family. Anything that can help myself and others remember what I’m doing on a day to day basis is constantly welcome in my house. When it comes to having a fantastic smart thermostat unit, I can’t stress the importance of it. I know our thermostat certainly helps with our heating and cooling bills, along with my air quality.

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