My smart thermostat has auto programs for additional energy efficiency

It’s hard maintaining energy efficiency in a home with two teenagers and three young children.

More often than not someone leaves the TV on overnight or lights on after leaving for school or work in the morning.

I try to communicate to everyone about being better with the electricity in our house, including my husband. He’s not necessarily the best role model for our children in this regard specifically. He has a habit of leaving things turned on when he’s not using them, especially in his music studio in our basement. I walk down there from time to time and find that he has a guitar amplifier and several keyboards turned on. When I walk to my kids’ rooms, I find the same thing—their computers are on, as well as the TVs and several lights. Short of getting new windows and replacing the central furnace with a heat pump, I don’t know how else to get our energy costs down in this house. I know that my pleading isn’t getting anywhere with my family, so I decided to install a smart thermostat. If you program it accordingly, you can let it do the thinking when it comes to what settings you use for your air conditioner or furnace. It will analyze outdoor temperatures and determine the best temperatures inside for energy efficiency. If you manually program it at any point, it remembers your temperature preferences for later use. It’s like artificial intelligence that is always trying to improve how it understands your heating and cooling needs. After using the smart thermostat for two months straight, I’m already seeing a massive reduction in electricity costs. I think my family was trying to keep the temperature in the house too low while it’s hot outside.


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