My last HVAC provider was not a quality HVAC provider

Apparently, I’m not the only one who believed this

I have lived in the same town for several years. I really enjoy the town- it’s safe, we are close to 3 major cities and it’s in a lovely area. My only complaint was the town’s largest HVAC provider. This HVAC company essentially had a monopoly on the indoor comfort business for the area. They helped us with the HVAC tune-ups and air conditioner replacement over the years and each time they made a mess and ended up having to come back to take care of some additional work that was neglected the first time they came- and you’d better believe that there was a service charge for each time their HVAC technicians had to come back out. When a new HVAC company opened in town, I was shocked. They didn’t have the wide variety of services that the other home comfort business did, but I figured they were worth a shot. I’m so glad that we took a chance on the new HVAC provider because they are wonderful! This HVAC provider did everything they were hired to do in one visit from an HVAC technician and, in the case that everything did not get done the first time, the HVAC technician would return to complete the job without an additional service charge. This quality HVAC provider deserves all the accolades I’ve given them plus some. Apparently, I’m not the only one who believed this. The HVAC provider I mentioned earlier ended up closing its doors because of the competition and now the newer HVAC company has a lot more services available for customers. I’m very happy to see this quality HVAC provider rewarded for their good work!
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