My husband has taken on a new apprentice.

My husband is an HVAC technician who has been with his company for a long time and takes on extra responsibility because he is well liked and trusted.

He recently took on a new apprentice.

My husband is afraid this new apprentice isn’t going to work out. To begin with, he moves very slow. Until last week, my husband was late coming home from work every day. He told me that his apprentice spends more time on his cell phone than actually working. I feel bad for my husband, but I don’t want him to give up on this young lad. After all, he went to school for almost two years for HVAC training, so he must care about it more than he lets on. I explained to my husband that his HVAC apprentice may just be testing him, or maybe he has some personal problems, or maybe he just doesn’t have the work ethics my husband has. After all, the kid was still young. I encouraged my husband to have a talk with his little HVAC apprentice and see if he can get the lad to take the job more seriously. Part of an apprenticeship is to offer guidance. Well, it actually must have worked. My husband started coming home on time again a couple of days ago and he told me that his HVAC apprentice is finally learning the HVAC trade hands on. It looks like the apprentice may actually complete his HVAC education through his HVAC apprenticeship and become a good HVAC technician after all. It’s only been a week, but we shall see.
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