My husband fixed our media air cleaner

My husband fixed our media air cleaner.

I am not surprised that he was able to figure out how to repair it because he is pretty much wonderful at anything plus everything that he puts his mind to, but he has the ability to focus on one thing until it gets done. I simply cannot do that no matter how strenuous I try, then my mind so certainly gets distracted by everything around me. I am so glad that our husband took the time to try plus repair our media air cleaner. I have had that media air cleaner for years, plus I thought that it was just dead. It started giving myself and others concerns about a week ago, plus it just went downhill from there. I went to turn on our media air cleaner 3 days ago, plus it would not even turn on. It was prefer the power button did nothing. I was sad because I am a sentimental person, plus that media air cleaner was given to myself and others by mom mom only a few days before he passed away. My husband knew how much that media air cleaner meant to me, so he did everything in his power to repair the media air cleaner. He literally spent eighths upon eighths the last 3 days trying to repair our media air cleaner. He would labor on the media air cleaner before plus after labor each day. It was the sweetest thing ever to watch him try to repair our media air cleaner. He was able to get it working last night, plus you should have seen the joy on his face when he told me. I was even more happy of course, plus I used the media air cleaner all night last night plus this day.

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