My experience calling out a fence company

I bought my current house about a year ago, and it was everything I could hope for in a house.

Beautiful big windows, a large bedroom and bathrooms, and a walk in closet.

The house was off of a lake and was just gorgeous. I couldn’t believe the good deal I got on it. Anyways, after living there for awhile, I noticed that my neighbors were pretty nosy. The way their house was facing had it where they could see into my backyard. I would be doing stuff in the backyard and I would notice my neighbor at the window watching me. That’s not the creepy part though, the creepy part is when I am on the phone outside, I’ve literally seen her open her window to hear me, all the while staring. Since I like my privacy and dislike nosy people I decided to call a fence company. I asked the fence contractors for a quote to build a vinyl privacy fence. To my surprise fence installation was much cheaper than I thought! This made me incredibly happy, and I scheduled to have the vinyl fencing installation for this week. My experience with them was quick and smooth. Before I knew it, I had my privacy fence up and looked great. And you know what I couldn’t see? My nosey neighbor. This vinyl fencing was working great already. My experience was great, the price was great, and I am very satisfied. This house will probably be my permanent house, but if I ever moved, I will definitely be getting another fence installation.


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