My dad did not want myself and others to work in the HVAC industry

When my mom and dad had a girl, they thought I would be a little princess.

They particularly did not expect a tomboy, however that’s exactly what they got, i appreciated playing in the mud and getting dirty with my multiple older brothers.

That is honestly the largest reason why I love “boy” stuff. I have multiple older brothers and I spent all of my time with them, but we went fishing in the creek and the people I was with and I spent time playing in the woods. I never wanted to lay at apartment with my mom or go shopping. When I was outdated enough to beginning thinking about work choices, I told my mom and dad that I wanted to work with my hands. I did not want to spend my life toiling in an office, and I wanted to find a work that would be both rewarding and challenging. I went to a work center at school and I talked to a couple of people from the technical school. I found out that the HVAC repair services program was hurting for girls candidates. They were even willing to help myself and others find a scholarship to help pay for the fees. I told my mom and dad that I was going to apply to HVAC school and they both looked disappointed. I suppose they did not expect myself and others to work in the HVAC industry, however it sounded fun and interesting to me; After school was done, I instantly found a task toiling for a local repair company. I have been with that HVAC repair company for the past 2 years. Even though my mom and dad were not ecstatic with my work choice, they still call myself and others when there is a complication with the gas furnace for the cooling system.

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