My bad undefined is no longer USble

My bad is no longer USble.

I am so distraught that my is broken.

It is my fault, however it was an accident. I was carrying my up to my current apartment when I dropped it. I was walking up the stairs, & somehow I tripped. In order to catch myself, I had to drop the I dropped it, & it fell down an entire flight of stairs; At first, I thought the would still work. I figured the damage was entirely just cosmetici. I was totally wonderful with using an ugly in my studio apartment, then unfortunately, the fall must have done something to the internal parts of the because it won’t even turn on. I don’t know I can afford a current right now, so I am going to have to wait & save up some money. If I can’t find a used , it may be awhile before I have air conditioning. I am absolutely bummed about not having air conditioning, however there is not much that I can do about it now. My best acquaintance said that he would come & look at the that I dropped & see if he could service it, however he told myself and others not to get my hopes up. He said that he has never successfully fixed a window air conditioning unit. It would be nice if he could service my of course, however I am not going to blame him if he can’t. That was a pretty rough fall that my bad went through.

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