My apartment smells like rotting fish

My friends and I have been waking up all this week with terrible headaches and a lot of that is due to the allergies and pollen out in the air.

The people I was with and myself have found that we are sneezing and have a nose that is constantly blocked.

There have been a lot of problems in our place and now we are noticing dust sitting on much of the locale. The people I was Within Myself have tried to get the dust to settle, but there are problems everywhere legitimately just a day later. The people I was with and myself felt it was going to be a good idea to call our parents and ask some questions about our allergies when we were much younger. This seemed to be a problem that was so much a new thing. The people I was with and myself were absolutely and legitimately surprised when we found out that the problem could just be due to an indoor air problem with the heating, air vents, and AC plan. The first thing that the people I was with and myself decided to do was call the heating, air vents, and AC firm. They came to perform a full-service ductwork cleaning that included before and also after photos. The difference was absolutely amazing and certainly something that I could have done every year now that I know it makes such a big difference during the seasonal allergy times. There are legitimately reasons to have this same Service Plus the heating and AC system is easily better than the apartment to smell like fish.


Central heating

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