Making a recliner that is not ugly

Since we have gotten married, my husband has pushed to get a recliner that has a cup holder in it.

Everytime the two of us go furniture shopping or go around a store with chairs, he is all over the recliners.

The recliners with cup holders are the tackiest things in the world. They are made out of bad material, an ugly color plus are giant in size. For my husband’s birthday I am going to get him a recliner finally. But, I want it to be a good one. I had to get a chair that fit what he wanted, but also looked good enough for me to want it in my home. I called a custom furniture maker plus the man is currently creating a recliner. I selected the exact size that works for the space in the home. I talked to the cuilder about material plus the fabric of the chair. I wanted a chair that blended with the rest of the furniture plus was nice to sit in for my husband. I talked in length over the cup holder idea too. I did not want the cup holders clear when someone walks in through the door. The custom furniture builder had a few ideas on how to conceal them. Had talked about a fabric sheet over the holder or even making it so the armrest pushes down when an arm is on it. Then the two of us talked about how far the recliner will pull out plus how long the piece will be when extended. In the end I know my husband is going to appreciate his chair plus I will be able to tolerate it in my house.


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