Long Haul Trucking Does Not Sound Bad

I am thinking about working as a long haul trucker.

I have been looking into it. It sounds pretty cool in some ways, as you get to travel around the country. I am under no illusions though, and I realize that I will be mainly spending my time in the truck, sleeping, eating and mainly driving. That is why I have been looking mainly into what the cabin will be like. From what I have learned most cabins have their own HVAC systems, and in fact have very powerful cooling and heating systems. There is of course a bed, and the floors even have what is sort of like a radiant heated flooring. The bed is not heated of course, so as to not start fires, but with so much warm air and a heated floor, I hear that being cold in the cabin is almost never a problem. Summer heat can actually be a bit of an issue when it is really hot though. The cooling technology is equally as good, but at the end of the day, when the summer sun heats up a cabin, there is only so much an air-conditioner can do. That is not to say it gets like a furnace in the cabin in the summer, but I have heard it said that on days that get really hot it might be a good idea to make sure that you have plenty of ice at hand, and to try and park in the shade in the daytime. Overall I think I can handle it no matter what.
Dual fuel system

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