It’s devastating that the tobacco factory has ruined the air quality

I live near this factory that makes tobacco and I have to say I am not happy about it! It is basically like having thousands of cigarette smokers in one particular locale and it is polluting the air quality in our neighborhood.

It has reached the point where most of the people around here had to invest in whole home air purifiers.

Whole home air purifiers are actually really expensive… So many people have had to take out big loans from their banks or max out their credit cards just to get whole home air purification machines. It is unquestionably horrible! The whole home air purification machine honestly does help deal with the smoke coming from the tobacco factory however it does not help what is going on outside with the terrible air quality. A lot of us have contacted the city in order to complain about the smoke coming from the distance from the tobacco factory, however by law they have to permit them to operate since they are not hurting anyone. What the city just doesn’t care or really notice is the air quality is going down! A lot of us have talked about just moving away from the area and selling our residences. Of course, if the bunch of us did that the bunch of us would take our whole home air purifiers along with us. After all the investment many of us put into those, you can bet that the bunch of us will not leave them behind if many of us did decide to sell our residences and move to a better area with much better outdoor air quality. It is unquestionably that bad around here!

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