I’m loving my new AC setup

I am living in the southern section of the country, where air conditioning is a section of everyday life.

There is almost never a day of the year when I can shut down the cooling unit, open the windows plus welcome in a fresh breeze, but despite investing an amazing deal of money into a top-of-the-line central air conditioner, I was not overly happy with the cost of our monthly electric bills; I took precautions to eliminate energy waste, including caulking around windows, weatherstripping the doors plus adding more insulation to the attic.

Even though I significantly tightened up the house, I caused some complications with indoor air pollen levels. I prevented natural ventilation, making sure that contaminants became trapped inside. Any pet dander, dust, smells, bacteria or other allergens were simply circulated over plus over again by the cooling system, but when on the hunt for a way to improve the health, comfort plus efficiency of the home, I contacted a local Heating plus A/C supplier for a recommendation. This man had recommended the upgrade of a whole-cabin fan. This style of method is ideal when the outdoor air is cooler than indoor air, which is often the case at night. We prefer to open up windows plus the fan pulls in the cooler outdoor air plus circulates it. It pushes the warmer, stale air up to the attic, where it is expelled by way of vents. I’m able to shut down the air conditioner without sacrificing comfort. In all honesty, the cabin is way cooler these days plus I’ve cut our electric bill in half. The air exchange given by the fan has also made a big improvement in indoor air pollen levels. The cabin is much cleaner plus smells better.


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