I wish I hadn’t moved into this development.

My wife and I found this quaint little home development.

The houses were beautiful inside and out.

We didn’t know if we wanted to live with neighbors this closely, but we loved the house. We knew it would be perfect for raising our two boys since it was in a good school district. I loved the idea that it had a new HVAC system along with an air purification system. It was an HVAC system that I was familiar with. If anything went wrong, I could easily fix the air conditioner, furnace, or the air purifier, with no problem. I had access to all parts I may need. I loved that I was an HVAC tech since I could save a lot of money on maintenance. We were both excited and we couldn’t wait for the boys to see the house. When we finally moved in, I thought the neighborhood was going to be the best. That was until I made the mistake of bringing my service van home with me. All it took was for the words HVAC and company on the side of the van, for me to be the object of a feeding frenzy. Everyone who saw the van was asking me questions about their HVAC system. They told me it was going to be so nice to have someone around who would be able to help them when they had problems. Naturally, they all had something to complain about when it came to their HVAC technician. I quit listening when I heard the name of my best friend being muttered. He was one of the best HVAC technicians I had ever met.


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