I visited the enterprise center to learn how to start a charity foundation

After achieving a small degree of success in my industry, I decided to use some of my business profits to create a small charity foundation.

I want to do something to help those struggling with their mental health.

Often people have no clue where to turn where things get tough. If they don’t have medical insurance, they may wonder if there are any real options available. I want to bridge the gap between those people and the ones that are already getting the help that they need. I did as much research as I could, and realized that simply educating people would be a great place to start. And creating something as simple as a 501c3 donation blog was where I’d begin. I could ask for donations and create information packets for anyone who needs one. As I got further in the planning stages, I realized I needed help. I had heard there was a new enterprise center in town, which is essentially a business development organization. They offer all sorts of help and information for people trying to run their own businesses of all sizes and markets. I figured they could get me the right information on tax status and charitable organizations. I was surprised by how much I learned. They even gave me a list of places where I could rent commercial office space if I ever grow enough to warrant hiring employees to help me on my journey. Once I was finished, I felt like I made a good use of my afternoon at the business development center. I know I’ll be visiting them again soon for more advice as I progress with my business.

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