I took my break anyhow

Being a certified heating and air conditioning specialist for one of the most busy HVAC companies in my area is not easy by any means.

Sometimes things get so hectic and busy that I can not even take a break for lunch and I have to eat on the job! Well, the other day I was on a major marathon of heating and air conditioning repair calls and I just got sick of all the constant on the go feeling for the pay that I get.

So I decided to take my break anyway! I ate lunch and took 30 minutes to do so. I figured if the heating and air conditioning company had a problem with it, they could just fire me and I wouldn’t even care. I would just start my very own independent heating and cooling business. I am so well known and liked by the customers that I know for sure I could pull in the business and make the HVAC company that fired me have issues! But thankfully, I did not have to test this theory because I did not get caught for taking the 30 minute lunch break. No one said anything about it, and I honestly don’t even think anyone knew. The key to it is to take the lunch break between HVAC repair jobs. And then just make sure you are not late and within the time window given to the customer. If I do this, I think I can get away with this even on the most busy days.



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