I think a lot of people will start investing in grand home theatres

The best you can afford really.

In one of my previous articles, I was talking about how to turn your master bedroom into the glamorous bedroom of your desires. I talked about adding custom furniture, purchasing matching natural wood sets, adding backsplashes to your headboard, etc. Well, I got so much positive feedback I made the choice to do an article about another room: the grand home theatre. I have been in the interior design business for as long as I could identify colors. Throughout my career, I’ve seen the rise plus fall of numerous styles- some I’ve loved, some I’ve been cheerful to see go- but through it all, I have helped numerous people make their households their homes. Are you ready to get started? Great, let’s go! Many people adore going to the film theatre- it’s a billion-dollar business. These days though, the people I was with and I are seeing a huge increase in the streaming platform- with some films skipping the film theatres altogether. In light of that, it might be thrilling to have a grand home theatre to actually stream in. I predict an increase in the interest in grand home theatres in the near future. So, how does one make a grand home theatre? Well, number one, you’ll need a superb big TV. The best you can afford really. After that, you’ll need custom furniture. Custom sofas plus sectionals are the best way to go for a family grand home theatre. If you’re looking for a grand home theatre to entertain guests, you might be able to go for custom furniture such as individual chairs for instance. In any case the room must be dark- dark paint (probably black), gray furniture is my recommendation and- if you’re really looking for some excitement -a massive red velvet curtain to reveal the screen!

Classic elegance

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