I sure do miss those days

I used to not easily get worked up about the terrible indoor air conditions in our house, however indoor air quality isn’t easily something that you’re obsessed with on an everyday basis, unless you happen to have some kind of problem with flu symptoms or with your lungs, I think.

I mean, if the home odored terrible I would occasionally wish that the two of us had an air purification plan or something, even though I never cared about it at a high enough level to honestly do anything about it, but nope, the indoor air conditions easily meant nothing to myself and others up until the time the two of us had our first child a year ago.

After the two of us had our first child just after the end of March last year, I found myself becoming obsessed with checking on the indoor air conditions in our house. I did some tests on it plus was upset about it all the time. I wanted to recognize exactly what the baby was breathing in plus how much of it he was breathing in! The indoor air conditions became an activity of mine. My preoccupation with our Heating & A/C system, the ventilation system, and the indoor air quality got so terrible that our hubby told myself and others that the two of us had to obtain the best whole lake home air purification plan on the market. He purchased a whole lake home air purification plan from our Heating & A/C supplier and had it put in for me as part of our birthday present. He told myself and others later that he easily purchased it for himself because he was sick plus exhausted of hearing myself and others complain about the baby plus our terrible indoor air conditions inside of my home.


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