I quit my job for another HVAC company

I finally got the opportunity to quit my job with the HVAC company that I have been working with, and I took the opportunity immediately.

There is no way that I would continue to work with this HVAC company any longer. This is definitely the worst HVAC company that I have ever worked for, and I have worked for multiple HVAC companies. The only reason that I even had a job with this HVAC company is that I had to move to a new town. It is usually pretty easy for me to find a job with an HVAC company. We have a massive shortage of HVAC technicians in our nation, and HVAC companies are always looking for HVAC technicians. I enjoyed working for the last HVAC company that I worked for, and I wouldn’t have left that town if my wife didn’t need to. She has a great job, and a position opened up in a new area with tons of benefits. I decided to support her in this. I quit my job with the old HVAC company, and I moved here to find a new job with a new HVAC company. There was only one HVAC company that was hiring, and I decided to take a position with them. However, I realize now why they had so few HVAC technicians. The HVAC technicians that were working there were jerks, and they had learned to be jerks from the owner of the HVAC company. The HVAC company was toxic, and I hated every second there. However, no other HVAC companies were hiring, so I had to continue working there until a new opportunity opened up. Finally, I just got a job offer from another HVAC company, and I am excited!

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