I put a reminder in my phone to notify me when my HVAC filters needs to be replaced

I just bought a new smartphone for the first time in four years.

I’m not one of those people who goes out and replaces their phone every year when the new model is released.

My sister has a bad habit of doing that. I don’t know how she manages to afford it either, but I guess her phone company buys the phone back from her after she pays something like $300 out of pocket. It’s a strange arrangement, but you keep getting new phones while the phone company gets an additional $300 out of you every single year. That in large part is why I try to make my phones last as long as I possibly can. I actually felt bad that my last phone didn’t make it to the five year mark like the one before it. At least I like the new version of android on this newer phone. The apps used for messaging, making calls, and collecting voicemail are much more intuitive than before. There’s a great app that allows you to make sticky notes to add to your home screen like you get on Windows computers. I created a note as a monthly reminder to replace the filter in my air conditioner. I live in a region with a lot of airborne lung irritants so I can’t afford to go for weeks at a time without replacing the filter. I get them in bulk on the internet for a reduced cost, so I’m not spending as much money as I used to. Even if I didn’t live in this area, I would still replace my air conditioner filters at least once every four weeks.



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