I never thought I would be a mouse mom

I kept telling my sister that I wanted a pet.

She offered to go to the pet store with me, but I didn’t see anything that really suited me.

I wanted something that I could cuddle with. I wanted a small dog or cat. I didn’t want one that would start out small and end up big enough to tackle me. We went to the dog shelter, but because of the pandemic, all of the dogs were taken. I was really upset until my sister reminded me that they would charge me an arm and a leg for the animal. Taking care of these dogs and cats couldn’t be done for free. I walked into the house, totally disgusted that I came home empty-handed. My sister walked in behind me and asked why my house smelled so odd. I just looked at her, not noticing anything different. She told me I needed someone to look at my ductwork since my air quality was so bad. I told her I had been thinking about getting an air purifier but it was never a big concern. She gave me the number to her HVAC company and told me to call them. It didn’t take long for them to answer and I told them about the odors and an odd noise I kept hearing. She told me she would have an HVAC technician over the next day. To top it off, I opened my cupboard to see a small white mouse, shivering in the corner. It came right out when I offered it a piece of cheese. It had to have been someone’s pet, since it was used to people. I couldn’t get rid of it when it curled up in my hand.



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