I moved from the city to a rural area.

I was so tired of living in the city.

I didn’t think it was any place to raise a child.

There was no place to run and play. Everything was dirty and noisy. I wanted to raise my daughter like mom and dad raised me. I remembered being outside on the swing set, my mom looking out at me from the kitchen window, and watching my sister and I play. The air was clean and everyone who drove by the house was a neighbor and they waved. I wanted to buy a small house in a rural area and live where life was enjoyable. I would never need to worry about whether the landlord was turning the temperature down on the furnace, to save money. I didn’t need to wonder if I was going to need to call the landlord because the air conditioning wasn’t working again. I would own my HVAC system and I would be the one controlling the thermostat. I looked for a small house for almost a year, when I found the perfect house. That was when I took my daughter to see it. She didn’t even know I was planning on moving. We went for a ride and ended up at the house. She clapped her hands when she saw the wooden swing set with the small log house next to it. She asked if we could have one like it? When I showed her the inside of the house, she picked one room for her own. I never realized how much she paid attention to what I did in our apartment. When she saw a thermostat in her room, she laughed and asked if we could keep the house. I knew she would love it..


I moved from the city to a rural area.

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