I love my great work environment

I have been completely swamped at work lately. I thought I would guess better by taking my spouse out for supper. I had more than two hours and I took her to a pretty nice restaurant that I go to sometimes. Well, I wasn’t too pleased because for some reason, the air quality was way off. It seemed as if the air conditioner idea wasn’t cranked up enough. I even asked the hostess if she could make some adjustments to the temperature control settings, but nothing ever got accomplished. The two of us ate there for a little while before I felt I was starting to break a sweat. I didn’t want to be soaked in sweat when getting back to work, so I had to leave supper early with my wife. I took my food to go and so did my wife. She definitely didn’t want to leave yet because she didn’t think it was too hot, but I didn’t think it was comfortable in the least. When I finally made my way back to the air conditioned comfort of my workplace, I finally felt that I was able to unwind. I finished the rest of my food before getting back to work. I sure am pleased that they consistently keep the right temperature control settings at the office. I also appreciate the fact that they get usual HVAC idea maintenance through one of the local HVAC companies. Those HVAC technicians consistently do a fantastic task and both of us consistently have the highest air quality. It makes it so much easier to focus on your work when you are in a comfortable environment.

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