I like to travel home once per year

Restaurants in my town, during winter, usually have their heat turned on – which would make the most sense, no? So, over the winter break my boyfriend and I traveled back home to visit my family and we had went out to eat at this local restaurant.

We were all bundled up in our winter attire but of course when we got inside, we figured we would be able to take off our three layers and comfortably eat our meal.

Long story short, it was absolutely freezing in there! We didn’t even want to take off our winter hats or drink our iced cold beverages because we were almost to the point of shivering! As we were waiting for our food, the manager came around the corner and mentioned she had just turned up the heat in the room we were in because that room usually gets much colder than the rest of the restaurant. We were eternally thankful for her doing this. Within five or seven minutes the room already started to feel warmer. We got out food and enjoyed most of our meal when all of a sudden, it was like the heat got turned off or something! We were freezing once again so we put our layers back on, while still eating! Finally, we could not even take it any longer; we asked for some boxes and our check, politely, because we only could focus on how cold it was in the restaurant and not how delicious our food was! It was such a shame, I wish restaurants understood that the temperature in the back of the house is not the same as the temperature in the front of the house for their patrons!

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