I just put a heating system in our sun room

Ever since I have owned this house, our garage hasn’t been heated.

I have intended to put a heating system in this new home since I purchased it.

My oil furnace isn’t attached to the garage, and I didn’t system on trying to run a new duct to the garage any time soon. Instead, our system was to install a propane wall heating system in our garage to heat our garage regardless of the electricity or anything else. I had little use for an cooling system in there, however it would be nice to have a heated garage since I spend most of our nights working on aged vehicles. Since I don’t make a lot of money, I have to purchase and work on aged cars in our new home to have a way to drive around. Without a heating system, I have been forced to lie on chilly stone as I tried to work, and the shivering makes it hard to do anything. I was thankful that I had a garage to work in, however it was just as chilly as the outside air, but also, I love to hang out in the garage with our friends while we were in the year, however most of them didn’t want to be in the garage with a heating system. Finally, our wifey surprised me and purchased a heating system for our birthday. Although I was responsible for installing the heating system, I was more than glad to do that for the sake of working in a moderate environment. If there was ever any doubt before, I really think that our wifey prefers me.

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