I have to perform community repair after my boss caught myself and others drinking on the task

I had to call my boss and tell him to send someone else

Every week, I have to work at least one weekend. Everyone toiling for the same AC repair company has to work one weekend every week. On that weekend, I have to be available for emergency repair calls and services. I get a special cellphone and I have to keep that cellphone charged and on from Sunday at 8 p.m. until Monday afternoon at 8 a.m. I have been with this AC repair company for 2 years. During that time, I have had a couple of calls on the weekends. Usually the people I was with and I aren’t very busy, because folks don’t love to pay the additional repair charges for Monday and Sunday repair services. Last weekend I was supposed to be on call. Monday day, my number one team was playing ball and I decided to go to the bar with a couple of friends. I was only going to have a beer, however someone in the bar started buying shots every time the pitcher struck someone out. By 7 in the evening, I was totally drunk. Of course that would be the one weekend when the cellphone would ring and someone very needed AC repair services. I gained a call from a frantic lady about 5 miles away from the bar. I was going to attempt to drive to the repair and perform the work, although I knew it wasn’t safe. I had to call my boss and tell him to send someone else. He was actually furious and he threatened to fire me. I have to perform 75 hours of community repair in order to keep my task.

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