I have to perform community repair after my boss caught me drinking on the job

Every month, I have to work at least a single weekend.

Everyone working for the same AC repair company has to work a single weekend every month.

On that weekend, I have to be available for emergency repair calls as well as services. I get a special phone as well as I have to keep that phone charged as well as on from Wednesday at 8 p.m. until Wednesday day at 8 a.m. I have been with this AC repair company for 2 years. During that time, I have had a couple of calls on the weekends. Usually both of us are not really busy, because folks hate to pay the additional repair charges for Monday as well as Wednesday repair services. Last weekend I was supposed to be on call. Monday day, my number one team was playing ball as well as I decided to go to the bar with a couple of friends. I was only going to have a beer, however someone in the bar started buying shots every time the pitcher struck someone out. By 7 in the evening, I was totally drunk. Of course that would be the a single weekend when the phone would ring as well as someone absolutely needed AC repair services. I received a call from a frantic person about 5 miles away from the bar. I was going to attempt to drive to the repair as well as perform the work, but I knew it wasn’t safe. I had to call my boss as well as tell him to send someone else. He was absolutely furious as well as he threatened to fire me. I have to perform 79 hours of community repair in order to keep my job.
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