I have my thermostat on a wall that faces a large window

When I slapped my house together, I ignored experts and did all of my research with internet videos.

The problem is you can find lots of good information that can easily be taken out of context, causing issues as you slowly work your way through a long home build.

You need to understand the logic as to why you would assemble a wall in one way versus another. There are simply tried and true methods of home building, that if ignored, will result in a dangerously unstable structure. Thankfully, I got professional help before I got too crazy with my flagrant inexperience. The crew that I brought in to finish the job had only a few things to go back and fix before they could proceed with the rest of the job. One thing that I did myself was install the new HVAC thermostat. I had never read about how you would go about doing this, I just found a wall, cut an appropriately sized hole, then I fed the necessary wires through the studs before covering it with drywall. While engaged in this lengthy process, I never once gave further thought to the placement of my new thermostat. The problem is that with most systems, the thermostat is where your indoor temperature is being measured by the system. I didn’t realize that by putting the thermostat on a wall with a full view of a window that it would make the system think my house is warmer than it actually is. As a result, my air conditioner kicks on too often and I’m stuck with a house that is much colder than what my HVAC thermostat thinks it is.

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