I guess they won’t adjust the temperature control settings unless you ask nicely

When I got into a terrible motorcycle accident, I went to the hospital with a broken leg, however they had to keep our leg elevated while our leg was healing in the cast, and i kept complaining about the temperature control settings in the hospital room because it was way too freezing in there.

These people entirely loved to crank the cooling system for some reason.

The nurses told myself and others they were not allowed to adjust the temperature control settings because of some policy about preventing the spread of germs. To me, it didn’t make much sense, especially since I wasn’t even sick, eventually, another patient was brought into the same room with myself and others & the two of us were separated by a curtain for privacy; She ended up asking the nurses nicely if they could ease off the air conditioning a little bit. I was shocked when they adjusted the temperature control settings for her. I genuinely thanked her for doing that because I said I was trying to get them to adjust the temperature control settings for a few mornings. She said it’s all about how you ask, & people will listen when you are genuinely nice to them. I realized that I was not nice when I was asking. The people I was with and I ended up talking a lot because the two of us were stuck in that room for a long time. The people I was with and I had some superb conversations & decided to keep in touch when the two of us eventually recovered. I was entirely thankful for that lady because I didn’t have to suffer with the cooling system cranked up so much & things weren’t so boring while being in the hospital with her around.



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