I got a job offer with another HVAC company and was fired

I cannot believe that the owner of the HVAC company fired me just for letting him know that another HVAC company offered me a job.

I guess that I have no choice now but to accept the offer from the other HVAC company.

I was already leaning towards accepting the offer from the other HVAC company, but now, the choice has been made for me. I have been working for the same HVAC company for a long time. I moved to the area five years ago, and I have been with this HVAC company ever since I moved here. Some people hate working for this HVAC company, but I do not mind it. The owner of the HVAC company is a hard man to work for, but I have gotten used to it. When you work in an HVAC company, you might come across some tougher people to deal with. The only thing that I did not like about the HVAC company was the pay. The owner of the HVAC company did not pay me very well, and the HVAC company literally did not offer any benefits. I was not looking for another job though, so I was surprised when a different HVAC company contacted me. I would be making a lot more than I was with my current HVC company, and they were offering me benefits. I didn’t immediately accept it because I wanted to show my boss. I wanted to continue working for him, but I did need more money. I showed my boss the job offer, and he asked if I was even thinking about considering the offer. I told him that I would like a raise at least, and he was very angry. The owner of the HVAC company fired me on the spot, and wouldn’t even give me a ride back to my car.

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