I forgot my a/c filter

Have you ever done something so stupid you just wanted to kick yourself for it? That was myself and others recently! To put it plain as well as simple, I had went to replace the air filter of my central heating as well as , as well as I literally forgot to put the air filter in! My central heating as well as air conditioning plan ended up running for almost 2 mornings without an air filter in it! It wasn’t until I started hearing this genuinely odd noise coming from the air vents, as well as noticing that the air was a bit too powerful, that I knew something was seriously wrong somewhere, but that was when i remembered how fatigued I was when I did it, as well as at that point seen the air filter I had set aside to put in! It was resting in the corner of the hallway where I had left it! I right away grabbed that air filter, as well as ran down the stairs to get to the locale to change the air filter! I turned off the central heating as well as air conditioning plan before I put in the air filter, as well as left it off for a little while as I wanted to deliver it a rest, but right before I turned the control component back on about 30 minutes later, I was hoping as well as praying that I did not destruction my Heating as well as A/C unit! The last thing I needed at this point was some kind of high Heating as well as A/C service bill! I do not have a heating as well as cooling service method with my local Heating as well as A/C company, so the cost would not be too cheap! Lucky for me, nothing was broken.


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