I don’t know why I became an HVAC technician.

I thought that since I had a fascination with HVAC since I was a kid, I should become an HVAC technician when I got older. This was one of the worst decisions I had ever made. I recently realized that I should have kept heating and air conditioning as a hobby and not a profession. I hated working for people and with people. People really annoy me, and when I go into someone’s house, I feel really odd. I am highly uncomfortable trying to work when I have someone peeking at me from around corners or the top of the basement stairs. I feel like they are afraid I am trying to break a furnace more than what is already broken. Then I end up getting some young punk to follow me around. He is fresh out of HVAC technical school and thinking he knows everything there is to know. I have been at this job for ten years and I am pretty sure I know more about furnaces, air conditioners, air purifiers, among a myriad of other things, than he knows. I just want to throttle them when they don’t ask questions, but tell me what I should be doing. I’m considering throwing in the towel. Maybe it is time to either find a new profession, or create my own HvAC company. I can be boss and never need to go into a house. I don’t know if that would be how it works, but I know this isn’t working. Being an HVAC technician was supposed to be fun and not aggravating.


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