I didn’t know where this thing went

One thing that I prefer more than most other things in life is my a/c.

This is why I decided to install a cooling system in my personal bedroom, and of course it wasn’t a cooling system that needed to be professionally installed by an Heating, Ventilation, & A/C tech, it was just a window A/C unit.

Still, it’s a cooling system that is truly important to myself & it came with an absolutely nice little remote control. The remote control is small enough to conveniently fit straight in my pocket. I consistently keep it with my pocket along with my keys & my leather trifold. There absolutely isn’t much else that I carry in my pockets. Well, I guess I was absolutely devastated the other evening when I went fishing for the remote & I suddenly was unable to find it. I looked for a little while & even pulled everything straight out of my pockets & the window A/C remote was absolutely not there. I decided to finally go and look around the home & thought I could have dropped it somewhere or maybe I managed to have misplaced it. The thing is, I didn’t recall taking it out since the entire previous evening when I was getting the A/C settings right for bed. I finally went to my family vehicle thinking maybe I could find a substitution remote at the store that would job with my cooling system. Well, the remote was kneeling there on the ground. I figured I must have dropped it whenever I was pulling my vehicle keys out of my pocket.


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