I couldn’t find the right correct air filter anywhere I looked

It was just a usual day where I had to get some things from the store… Before I left the house, my spouse reminded myself and others that both of us needed to get modern air filters! The air filter that was in the HVAC system was very close to being fully clogged, so I realized how important it was to have that changed as soon as possible! Well, when I got to the store, I couldn’t find the correct sized air filter for our HVAC system! I was panicking and then both of us asked 1 of the workers at the store if they had anything that might fit.

They checked the back warehome section and they brought back some air filters, but they were the cheaply made fiberglass kind, but I was disappointed as they asked if those were the filters I was looking for.

I said they were the right size but those low MERV rating air filters weren’t going to assist with our HVAC system, however honestly, I don’t even know why they sell air filters like that that, they don’t protect the HVAC system at all and they don’t do much for the air quality. I ended up going to a few other stores and it was the same issue there, I couldn’t find anything I needed. By the end of the day, I was telling my friend how I was infuriated because I couldn’t find the right air filter size. She asked what the size was and I let her know. Then she told myself and others that she bought the wrong size air filter online last week which happened to be the size I needed! She was more than glad to let myself and others have them, and she didn’t even want any money from me!

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