I believe a skunk decided to spray my A/C machine

I really do think that a skunk sprayed my air conditioning machine! I have never heard of such a crazy thing happening before, but I am pretty sure that a skunk sprayed the air conditioning machine.

  • I came back to my beach home last evening to the smelliest residence I have ever smelled.

It smelled so strongly just like a skunk and I thought there was a skunk in my home that sprayed all over the site. I ended up looking for approximately three hours before passing out of exhaustion on the couch really late in the evening hours. I woke up the next morning plus carried on with my search for the skunk. I eventually found that the smell was the strongest near the air conditioning machine. I never found a skunk, so I figured a skunk must have spayed my air conditioning machine. I decided to scrub my air conditioning machine thoroughly. I used several odd cleaners that I found on the internet, but none of them worked to get the smell out of my air conditioning machine. I tried using tomatoes because I figured they may help, and they helped a tiny bit, but my air conditioning machine still smells exactly like skunk. I eventually just took the air conditioning machine out of my dining room window plus put it outside. The smell in my residence is not as terrible now. It was actually the air conditioning machine because the air conditioning machine still reeks after being left outside. I am going to have to buy a new air conditioning machine because I have tried everything that I can think of to scrub my air conditioning machine, but none of it has worked. I think I will be buying a new air conditioning machine very soon.


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