Holidays and the mall

I have loved going to the mall during the Christmas season since I was a young kid.

  • I used to love going to see santa and just the entire atmosphere of the place.

The decorations and lights all over the place just put anyone in the holiday mood. No matter how depressed you may be! It’s really a great time of year. Back in those old days it used to sometimes be a little chilly in the front end of the mall. But today when I take my own kids to the mall to see santa and the holidays festivities it isn’t. That is because today we have much more advanced heating technology. The mall has a commercial zoned heating and air conditioning system. This is the reason for the perfect temperatures in there. The HVAC zone control in a commercial form is something that back when I was a kid would not have even been heard of! At that time having something like a commercial zoned heating and air conditioning system would have been considered sci fi or futuristic. Not to say that in my day we didn’t have decent heating and air conditioning systems. It is just today the heating and air conditioning technology is way more advanced and also a lot better! It makes taking my kids to the mall for the holiday season a bit more special than it was for me! It makes me wonder that when my kids get older and have children of their own if it will be even more advanced than this today!


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