He’s a pest with the HVAC

Ever since our son was old enough to understand what exactly the control component did, he has been trying to adjust the temperature control settings.

SO, since he was 2, we’ve been in constant battle with the kid and the HVAC system.

At first, it was easily ridiculous because he would have the heating plan cranked up essentially all the way or he would have the cooling plan blasting. Eventually he learned exactly how to find the temperature control settings that he preferred to set… Unluckyly, his temperature control settings were simply not the same as ours. This was becoming a problem in addition to both of us kept repeatedly telling him not to adjust the temperature control settings, but he never just sat down and wanted to listen. Eventually both of us upgraded to a smart control unit to fix the issue. The people I was with and I thought both of us could keep him locked out of the entire control component with a pin code, but he figured out the pin! He was able to rapidly install the smart app on his cell iPhone just care about both of us did, in addition to he consistently adjusts the temperature control settings with greater convenience now. These days, the people I was with and I have changed the pin code a few times, but he always manages to get in there and figure it out. I don’t think he is hacking into the control component with his phone or what, but he refuses to let us know. Eventually, I decided to call the nearest Heating, Ventilation & A/C supplier. While it has helped a good deal, he still sometimes messes with us.



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