Helping out a lost HVAC worker

Last year I had the craziest thing happen to me while I was driving to work, i was minding my own supplier and all of the abrupt I saw an HVAC unit laying in the middle of the road.

I drove another mile and saw another HVAC unit laying there; This happened for a few more miles and then we saw there was an HVAC truck laying on the side of the road.

I could tell that the HVAC tech was infuriated so I pulled over to see if there was anything I could do to help the HVAC tech out. It turns out this was the HVAC techs first month on the job and he destroyed over more than nine HVAC units. The HVAC tech went on to explain that he forgot to tie down the HVAC units before he started driving. I tried not to show my surprise when he told me that he forgot to tie down the HVAC units, because even I would have remembered to do that and I don’t even work for an HVAC dealer. I could tell that he was distraught about losing his job… So, I tried to make him feel better, but I knew they were going to let him go the minute they heard he destroyed all these HVAC units… Poor guy was easily perspiring and the truck broke down on top of all this, so I gave him a ride back to the HVAC dealer. I could tell he was trying not to cry, even though he was easily infuriated about this!


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